MADiSON: Inspired by Kojima’s PT and Project Zero, should you watch this awesome game?

Game news MADiSON: Inspired by Kojima’s PT and Project Zero, should you watch this awesome game?

In July, MADiSON will be released, a psychological horror title heavily inspired by PT, Layers of Fear and Project Zero. What is the value of the first hours?

Developed by Bloodious Games (formerly Nosebleed Games), MADiSON locked us in the narrow corridors of the inaccurate welcoming house where a demonic entity seemed determined to put us in hell. We get access in the early hours of the first-person psychological horror game set to release on July 8th. Here is our verdict.

In the most classic demon

MADiSON starts on young Luca’s skin where bloody hands and black nails we see. One who seemed to be waking up from a long panic in a dilapidated room heard his father knocking on a partition door, accusing him of atrocities committed against his own family. Here is the only context provided by the player having to rush through a winding house in search of an exit and a hero who is likely amnesiac. But Luca isn’t alone here, he suffers from Madison’s mental illness, a demon that forces him to continue a bloody ritual that began decades ago. A classic scenario that can be fun if done well.

To progress within a chaotic course, our protagonist has a Polaroid camera. It doesn’t help drive away ghosts like the camera obscura in Project Zero, but it does allow you to unblock situations or open portals to another dimension. You may soon be drawing it in every corridor without immediately understanding its usefulness. Eventually you will realize that it is a question of activating it when it appears that no reasonable solution can solve the puzzle in front of you. The most alluring aspect of it remains the fear it evokes with every flash that is likely to reveal a demon of darkness. The device is stored in a much older inventory where you can easily blame the lack of ergonomics.. Especially since the latter has capacity limitations, which forces you to multiply round trips in a safe way to get secondary items. A sad aspect for an experience that involves mostly solving multiple puzzles through elements taken here and there. If not original, the puzzles are accurate and interesting enough despite the classic moments of hesitation when looking for things that are essential to the development of a fair order game.

Three titles in one

Layers of Fear, Project Zero, PT: Combine these three experiences perfectly and you get MADiSON. Inspirations can be found in every aspect of the game. As he was repeatedly abused into new territory, Luca thrived mostly in tight, moving rooms. The title relies on variations in decorations that are often effective at scaring people and some jumpscares that are sometimes expected as well. The horror mechanics are mostly classic, decent enough to keep you on your toes: it’s clear that the camera flash will reveal some monsters and it’s clear that the generator that will restore the house’s power is in grandpa’s basement , scene of a former family massacre. The breaking of the tree and the ringing of the phones were fixed, not to be mistaken for the pain at first then just ordinary. Luca’s dubbing is great. In the end, the image is of high quality and takes advantage of more attractive environments, the story of Luca’s family lining the walls with many frightening frames. The atmosphere of the place was a success.

MADiSON: Inspired by Kojima’s PT and Project Zero, should you watch this awesome game?

Our impressions

Very unique in content as well as form, MADiSON doesn’t have to be bad to browse. The title proposed by Bloodious Games has nice environments, nice sound work and enough interesting puzzles to keep our interest. But he also risks locking himself too tightly into his inspirations and the usual mechanic. To find out more, we’ll meet on July 8 on PCs and consoles.

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