Ledger exposed its NFT market and improved its services

Ledger entered the NFT market

During the conference Ledger Op3n in New York, the leader in hardware wallets made several announcements, one of them about non-fungible tokens (NFT):

In fact, the company launched the Ledger Market, a new market dedicated to NFTs. The company argues that it is building this platform in line with two key values: self -preservation and security.

Regarding self -discipline, Ledger emphasizes the importance of this practice. This illustrates this with the latest ecosystem events, of which the freezing of Celsius properties is the perfect example. This is why the Ledger Market allows a real control over its NFTsfrom the mint stage to storage.

As for the security dimension, Ledger believes it is abandoned by market leaders. The company says the priority is more focused on ease of use:

“When it comes to NFTs, convenience is now more than security and scams are everywhere. NFT brands and artists have no choice but to follow large markets with weak security standards. »

If the user experience is important, let’s not forget that attracting profit to our ecosystem brings always on hacks or others phishing attempts.

On the other hand, Ledger also claims that 98.2% of NFTs are in OpenSea never received an offer. As such, it is intended to offer an accessible environment also for beginners to give everyone a chance.

If there is currently no release date, Ledger nevertheless reveals a video presentation as well as the possibility of registering on a waiting list:

This list offers an opportunity to create a “Genesis Edition” NFT, which gives access to exclusive collaborations, qualification for airdrops and the possibility of receiving. a limited edition Nano X.

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“Ledger Enterprise Create”, an NFT solution for professionals

On the topic of NFTs, Ledger presents its new product: Enterprise Creation. This innovation consists of a platform suitable for professionals. It offers all the necessary tools for a company that wants to implement an NFT solution.

Thus entire production chain Taken care of, it goes from writing smart contracts to final customer distribution. In any case, this is how Alex Zinder, a company manager, presents this new platform:

“You are also an artist […] or a major global brand […] Enterprise Create is the only completely secure end-to-end solution to help scale your Web3 operations. »

The focus on education

Earlier this year, Ledger announced a partnership with The Sandbox (SAND) to improve Web3 education. At its conference in New York, the company gave more details on this topic by presenting “Ledger Quest”.

That consists of an educational platformdirectly mixed with The Sandbox metaverse, allowed to learn through mini-games. Many Web 3.0 concepts are covered and different missions allow you to win exclusive NFTs called Proof of Knowlegde (PoK) or proof of knowledge.

As of September, this concept extend partnerships with various projects. We already know that this includes for example the Cool Cats collection as well as the ApeCoin (APE) community.

All of these announcements show that the French unicorn has been able to diversify intelligently and become more so than ever before. reference actor in the ecosystem. According to its CEO, Pascal Gauthier, the company will also be assured more than 20% of the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Despite the crisis, Ledger is therefore, more than ever, looking to the future.

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