Karole Rocher and Thomas Ngijol, between love, family and comedy

Mythical couple: Karole Rocher and Thomas Ngijol, between love, family and comedy (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Wednesday June 22, 2022, viewers of France 2 will see Karole Rocher in a powerful TV movie, “Comme des reines”. The actress takes on the role of a mother burdened by her daughter’s escape. In real life, Karole Rocher is a happy and joyful woman, mother of four daughters whom she raised in the cocoon of love formed with Thomas Ngijol.

A few days later “Fratè” was released into the dark rooms. A film co-directed by Karole Rocher and her eldest daughter Barabra Biancardini, with Thomas Ngijol in the lead role. A family activity since life, Karole Rocher and Thomas Nigijol have been circling perfect love for many years now. And it all started (or almost) in the 90s, thanks to a music video!

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Love the first look at the small screen

If Karole Rocher is known to many, with her successful roles such as the film “Polisse”, the actress of Corsican origin is indebted to the start of her career with the greatest luck. In 1995, it was on the street that she was spotted by a costume designer, and chosen to play the clip for Princess Erika’s title, “Faut qu’j’travaille”. Shot in black and white in the soft setting of La Ciotat, the video is enhanced by the talent of director Olivier Dahan. Young Karole Rocher is back with Romain Duris, another star in the making of the video clip. In addition, this participation will allow the actress to access the world of cinema, especially in her first major role in “The honor of my family”, a film by Rachid Bouchareb with Roshdy Zem.

All this time, Thomas Ngijol has yet to be seen by popular producer Kader Aoun, who will open the doors of the Jamel Comedy Club to him. In 1995, when the music video for Princess Erika was released on our televisions, the comedian was captivated by Karole Rocher’s charisma: “I saw her in 1995 in the clip for‘ Faut qu’j’travaille ’and then, Nothing. What happened to this young woman? I can’t see her anymore. I’m worried, I’m worried about her. I believe that my great quest, the quest of my life for twenty years, is to find Karole “softly 2016 in the Paris Match columns. So, during all these years, Thomas Ngijol has not stopped thinking about the face of his beauty. “Growing up, I knew Romain Duris, he explained in 2019 at France 2, But I said to myself: ‘Why have I even heard about the girl? It pissed me off. It worked for me.’

It wasn’t until early 2010 that they finally crossed paths. At the Paris Match, Karole Rocher mentioned their “love at first sight”, when Thomas Ngijol recalled their “sublime meeting”: “Without going into details, I told my show that I knelt before him, and it’s true. ”However, when the comedian met the actress, he didn’t immediately make the connection to the young woman he saw years ago in the Princess Erika clip! “It’s the magic, the wonder of life, someone sent me on Facebook with a lot of links to this clip,” she told Daphne Burki of France 2, explaining how it looked. video, years later, made him realize that he had finally found what he had dreamed of in the 90s!

The Happiness Family

When she met Thomas Ngijol, Karole Rocher was already the mother of two daughters, Barbara was born in 1996 and Gina, born in 2001., a life. Like him, I have a passion for kids who are so young, I always talk about it at school. I love my job, I have other centers of interest. But my biggest passion is to be with my kids ”the Paris Match columns. In June 2014, Angelina came to expand the family mix, followed by the youngest in the family, Carmen, born in December 2017.

A clan that, as confirmed by parents ’Instagram publications, expresses joy, happiness and above all unity. When he entered the life of Karole Rocher, Thomas Ngijol developed a very strong relationship with his first two daughters. Two teenagers who of course have to be tame, as the comedian has chosen to make fun of in his many shows, but very quickly adopt mom’s lover.

So now, alchemy is total. Proof of the film “Fratè”, co-directed by Barbara, the eldest of the tribe. “He’s very talented. He didn’t get there totally parachuted. That he’s with us, I feel full confidence” Thomas Ngijol said a few days ago on the set of C à vous, as he was invited along with Karole Rocher and Barbara Biancardini. “I’m convinced Thomas is my father!” launched the young woman. Something that melts the heart of Thomas Ngijol’s father: “I didn’t think I would say it tonight at C à vous but we formalized the fatherhood of my daughter. I don’t consider her daughter-in-law, son. I love him… He takes care of his brothers, he is at home … Blood seems to be supposed to be! “

A kind couple

And even on the professional side, Karole Rocher and Thomas Ngijol seem to be progressing in perfect harmony. Long before the movie “Fratè”, the lovers collaborated for the comedy “Black Snake, the legend of the black snake” which was released in 2019 and where they even gave each other the answer. However, there is no question that letting go of work can ruin family life. “What’s most appealing to me about Thomas? It’s so hard. I’ve seen a sensitive man, I haven’t seen comics, that’s his job, his armor. His daughters. With our daughters.” then announced by Karole Rocher on the set of “Clique”.

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It was also on the same plain that Thomas Ngijol discovered the gentle declaration of his colleague a few days ago. “It just proves that love doesn’t make you a fool. I’ve never been strong since my relationship and had kids. I’m strong. I know where to stand, I know where I am life, and at some point it’s the culmination for everything.That’s love: when you get married, you have your airlock, you have your security, you have something solid, you want to build. […] I can attest that it makes me strong “, he replied with emotion. Love, always.

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