Châteaubriant: he took revenge by shooting a shotgun at his former friend’s cars

A man in Nantes is on trial for shooting a hunting rifle at a man in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). © Illustration Laurent REBOURS

A Nantes sentenced to it Wednesday, June 22, 2022 on immediate appearance speak Nantes Criminal Court on twelve months imprisonment to obtain fire, punctured tires or shotgun fired at cars belonging to an old friend and his family, April 2022on Chateaubriant (Loire-Atlantique).

The 34-year-old man was remanded in custody after the hearing, until he was later summoned by a sentence enforcement judge (JAP) in serve this sentence at home using the electronic bracelet.

Arriving in France in 1988, this kebab employee was also sentenced to an additional year in prison with suspended probation: for two years, he was obliged to undergo treatment, continue to work and to compensate its victims.

Above all, the accused was prohibited from contacting his victims and his 35-year-old “best friend”, who accompanied him in his actions. He was also banned from the Châteaubriant during those two years, the court ruled.

He said he was “cheated” by “130,000 euros”

The defendant’s friend – whose role was small – told him sentenced to five months in prison suspended probation, with the same obligation and ban on his “best friend”. Their judgments are temporarily enforced, which means they apply immediately, even if they challenge them within ten days before the Rennes Court of Appeal.

At the civil level, the accused has to pay almost € 7,700 to social landlord Habitat 44 due to damage caused by the burning of his car in the buildings. He and his “best friend” also had to pay € 3,000 to his former friend and his wife. Another part of the injuries will be decided at a hearing scheduled for April 7, 2023.

The accused was actually considered by the courts to be a legal recidivism: he had already been sentenced on March 31, 2021 for the same acts committed in August 2020 on the same victims.. He couldn’t help but “cheat” ten years ago “€ 130,000” on his victim., a 44-year-old roofer from Châteaubriant. He also attacked his own cousin who he accused of “contacting him” on the roof and not “helping” him settle their dispute.

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The roofer for his part told investigators that he “did not blame” the accused, who was a “good and hardworking man” at the start of their friendship. The accused said he was the victim’s “dog on a leash” for many years and that his new wife opened his eyes. So he threatened to “eat cold”, “explode” and “kill” his former friend and his family.

“He still received threats from the PKK”

The male victim explained the beginning of their separation by the “disapproval verdict” he passed on the defendant’s new partner. after his divorce from his first wife. In any case, he “strongly denies” any fraud; he also “agreed to search or check his bank accounts”.

It may not be his job to say that, but the consequences are there: he even received threats from the PKK when he was in Turkey… Arrived very, very far.

The victim’s lawyer

“Whether imaginary, delusional or real, which did not allow him to take justice into his own hands. »

My client even told his family not to shop at the Atlantis mall anymore [à Nantes, ndlr]for fear of crossing him, and of going instead to the Alma shopping center [à Rennes, ndlr] “, he cites as an example.

The youngest, 15, was so scared that he accompanied his mother to work to make sure it was safe to arrive.

The lawyer

“These facts are not small, they create a hell of chaos in the Châteaubriant”, insisted his side Me Alain Le Gouill, the lawyer of the defendant’s cousin, who also became a civil party member. “At a certain period, my clients no longer sent their children to school than Mr. threatened by social networks to kidnap and prostitute them. »

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