90% of people would expect to enter the Metaverse created by the personality they admire Like their favorite players, a musical artist, an athlete or an actor.

According to a public poll by researchers at UTA and Fox (via Insider), 90% of people expect to enter the Metaverse made up of the personality they admire. Hollywood artists have also joined Metaverse and this has led most fans to further explore the Web3 technologies built into Metaverse.

However, if we consider ordinary people, people do not know how to explore the virtual world. It’s hard for people to understand the idea of ​​the Metaverse.

Despite this, nowadays most people buy NFTs and create their Metaverse game avatars and (for now) they seem to be enjoying this new experience on their Oculus headset. The survey conducted by UTA/Vox covered more than four thousand consumers between the ages of thirteen and sixty and it showed that only a few of the respondents were aware of the metaverse, despite this, it is estimated that 68% of teenagers and 88% of Gen Z participated in games like Fortnite and Valorant.

According to the data, 68% of respondents showed great interest in their favorite players in the game, a burning desire to meet and follow a musical artist 62% and athletes 59%. In addition, comedians, actors and influencers were rated 59%, 58% and 56% respectively. The researchers concluded that 87% of Americans like to participate in a metaverse that revolves around their beloved personalities and favorite fictional world.

In addition, four out of five participants said they would like to experience art, culture, fashion, movies, music concerts, dramas, games and celebrities in the virtual world. Futurists predict that the coming season is the time to see dreams and make them come true in the enlarged world. The metaverse will continue to grow and gain users around the world.

Researchers believe that over the next few years, metavers will push the entertainment industry into high -use. Virtual reality glasses will be useful in the next ten years and people will love playing video games. 67% of respondents said they prefer to play their favorite games while wearing an Oculus interactive headset, 59% watch live professional/college sports, 55% watch movies, and 52% watch a music video and listen to music.

UTA and Vox analysts believe the metaverse is an ideal augmented world for reading comics, watching TV and playing games. Franchisees benefit from great interaction with consumers in the metaverse because it removes all the barriers that arise when people from all walks of life communicate to enjoy live concerts without physical contact. movement.

When it comes to the entertainment industry, the metaverse offers countless possibilities for creators. The metaverse will give big -budget Hollywood stories the next step in entertainment.

In the metaverse, entertainment is possible for 3 important reasons: creating space for individual creativity, exploring Hollywood storytelling and creating new worlds. 40% of study participants said they wanted their favorite movie franchise to go through the metaverse, and the majority of anime fans (43%) were interested in installing comics.

Metaverse avatars are another important element. Consumers who want to indulge their passions at a carnival, spend money to elegantly decorate their avatars. Along with spending, app user profiles can also rank high and the higher the rank, the greater the revenue. Researchers estimate that 66% of users who enter a metaverse prefer to interact with a community that shares their passions and interests. In addition, 50% of users believe that the metaverse will make it easier for them to engage in content related to their hobbies and preferences.

Source: UTA analyst

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