The troubled relationship between Paulo Sousa and Flamengo

Five months after his appointment, Paulo Sousa is no longer coach at Flamengo. The Portuguese arrived with high expectations, especially given the possibility of repeating the same success as other Brazilian football compatriots.

However, the reality is very different. The “commander” didn’t see an effective style of play and had problems with the team players. On top of that, the chain of bad results and the pressure of supporters was enough to end his work prematurely.

Remember how Paulo Sousa got to Flamengo and find out why the coach was fired from the club!

Controversies since hiring

It’s no secret that Flamengo’s first choice is Jorge Jesus. The club sent a committee to talk to the coach, then worked with Benfica.

The negotiations produced scenes worthy of a television teleserye, with the presence of stadium leaders during the defeat against Porto and the criticism of the Portuguese club for harassing reds and blacks where Jesus the victim. .

Leaving the latter, Paulo Sousa became next on the list, but worked in Poland, which was due to play in World Cup qualifiers. The Portuguese decided to join Flamengo and created an imbroglio with the federation, not thanking him for leaving on the eve of a decisive match.

Eventually, amid controversies, he paid 400,000 euros for breach of contract and signed with Flamengo until 2023. That is, even Paulo Sousa’s hiring process has already shown that his transfer was not the best. sayon.

Good performance, but no significant results

On the pitch, Flamengo went through various stages. Paulo Sousa’s performance as a manager can be considered good. In 32 games, there were 19 wins, seven boards and six losses, or 66.6% wins.

In the Libertadores and in the Brazilian Cup, the team reached the round of 16 without major problems. At the same time, the coach failed in the carioca championship, where the team was dominated by Fluminense in the final, and lost the Supercopa do Brasil against Atlético-MG.

In Brasileirão, the campaign is far from satisfying. Even among the favorites for the title, Flamengo stretched to 15th place with 12 points. The Portuguese got just three wins in ten meetings, below expectations.

Fan pressure and the ‘ghost’ of Jorge Jesus

Poor results were the reason for the departure of the coach, who failed to implement a winning style of play. However, other episodes also helped end his stay after five months.

First of all, Jorge Jesus ’visit to Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival has revived the hopes of supporters that he will see him again at the club. At the time, disclosing an “interview” with the coach caused a lot of noise. Jorge Jesus ’behavior was questioned, but it also added to Paulo Sousa’s pressure.

Then the coach became involved in a controversy with Diego Alves. After the win against Universidad Catolica on May 17, he said he did not register the goalkeeper due to injury, but there are other versions involving manager Bruno Spindel. The atmosphere is tense between the coach and the player.

Eventually, the situation shifted to the background, but Paulo Sousa’s climate at Flamengo became unsustainable. Without the support of fans, who flooded the internet with memes criticizing him, it was only an hour before he was fired.

The club endured the pressure for a few weeks, but the end was inevitable. In fact, it’s not just one episode that explains his downfall, but the whole context of his time at the club.

Dorival Júnior is an “in-house” solution for Flamengo

After a disappointing experience with Paulo Sousa, Flamengo decided to bring in an old acquaintance to lead the club. Dorival Junior, who has done a good job at Ceara, has been signed for his third term at the club.

Without much time to prepare the team, Dorival started with a loss against Internacional, 3-1. It was the third consecutive loss for Rubro-Negro, who found themselves on the edge of the Brasileirão relegation zone after 11 rounds.

At the press conference, Dorival preached on changing the group’s behavior. His attempts to raise more experienced players, such as Diego Alves ’entry into the first team, did not work. In fact, one of the roles of the new coach is to rejuvenate and restructure the team.

The 2019 super champion base roster did not show the same performance and changes had to be made.

After some trials with foreign coaches and trendy Brazilians, Dorival could be a local solution to get the team back on track.

The quality is in Flamengo, but the big challenge is to find this potential in players and to reject once and for all the “ghosts” of Jorge Jesus and his magic season.

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