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It’s bag rolling

Rimowa is a suitcase brand of German origin created in 1898. A few years ago, it was more popular with airplane pilots and war photoreports looking for a solid and waterproof model. Since taking it to LVMH and inspired collaborations with Dior, Moncler or Fendi, Rimowa has become a popular label for fashionistas. In record time, it moved from an insider brand to the last suitcase proudly displayed like a handbag. Its design, inspired by the Germanic airplane, is recognizable by its emblematic grooves. Sturdy and trendy, it comes in metal or polycarbonate. New colors, such as fresh lavender or lemon yellow, are revealed every season. An offer of the latest personalization will help make Rimowa the most preferred luggage brand on the planet.

queen of the pontoons

By inviting friends on his yacht Pier Luigi Loro Piana came up with an idea for the Summer Walk, the queen of boat shoes. Originally designed to navigate and not leave marks on the wooden decks of ships, it has proven to be perfectly cut to inspect the macadam. Known for their thin white natural rubber sole, they are not afraid of the elements. They were originally cut from sand-colored suede. These slip-ons, which provide comfort, grip and elegance, are now available in many colors and materials, for both men and women. The evolving version, as pure, is baptized Open Walk. The length of the delicacy, a heel space is reserved for the initials of its owner. Great for watching your pair on board, in the middle of the basket where the sailors throw their shoes.

Under the sun

It’s hard to get more chic than this Cloche hat in ecru, black and pink cotton, signed Chanel. Historically, hat maker Maison Michel has made in -house double C headgear. Each model was formed in in -house workshops. This shape is reminiscent of the famous summer bob. Visited by Chanel again, it was adorned with the famous double C and the brand logo and wore resolutely elegant finery. The bucket hat, in its current form, began to be worn in the 1900s. Made of original felt or tweed, this round, soft hat was especially favored by Irish fishermen who quickly adopted it to protect themselves from the rain. The lanolin in the unwashed fur makes this little stain naturally impervious.

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Full of gum

Gommino Tod’s, this supple moccasin with a spiked sole, was born in Italy at the inspiration of Diego Della Valle. During a trip to the east coast of the United States in the late 1970s the grandson of this shoemaker dug up a driving shoes in an antique shop. This driving shoe, formerly valued by race drivers and made in the Marche region, will push Tod on the international scene. It is distinguished by 133 rubber studs. Ultra-flexible and designed like a second leather, it is often compared to a glove for the feet. Doing so takes a hundred steps. A symbol of relaxed beauty and a specific Italian way of life, this timeless icon has always been repeated ever since.

Winner jersey

Surprisingly, in May 1968, when Paris raised its barricades, Irène Leroux created Érès, her swimwear label. She opened a seaside boutique in Paris, place de la Madeleine. This adventurous entrepreneur decided to sell this seasonal product par excellence all year round. He also took the opportunity to free the women from shelters, hulls and other structures that obstruct the body. He even dares to offer mismatched tops and bottoms. Success comes very quickly. Erès swimsuits are known around the world for the extreme quality of their materials, their shape and flattering architecture for all silhouettes. The label, which is now part of the Chanel house, has since diversified into lingerie and beach dress.

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nice game

John Lobb has always been an expert in the art of making polo boots. And these, for decades, as evidenced in home archives, have been inexhaustible sources of inspiration. A pair of Polo boots is recognizable by its double shield. This boot detail serves to protect the rider and his horse. While preventing external shocks, these boots ensure the horse’s best sensations and extreme strength when the rider steps on his stirrups. They are also recognized by traditional riders by their zipper on the front. They replaced the laced models, tired to wear. The zipped boot was designed at the time for English officers stationed in India. They have to find a way not to have to cut it if there is a fracture, during Polo games that are a bit muscular.

Just for your eyes

If the 649 Persol model was consecrated by Marcello Mastroianni to Divorce in Italian, it was born in 1957 to meet the demands of… Trams in Turin! Persol, “Per il Sole” in Italian, built by a city optician, has a mission to provide them with wide glasses that protect them from wind and dust when they drive in their old open ones. streetcar. While Persol has filed for numerous patents throughout its history, it is particularly proud to invent the principle of flexible acetate temples. In 1995, 649 models were chosen to symbolize the relationship between fashion, design and technology. It was on display during the Milan triennale, along with creations from Armani, Cartier, Prada and Rolex.

Fitted swimsuit

Nothing was set in advance that Fred Prysquel could have imagined in 1971 this swimsuit fell into fashion history. Enthusiastic about cars, the sports journalist traveled around the world, his camera at hand, to cover Formula 1 races. On his return to France, on vacation in Saint-Tropez, the young Nîmes there is only one goal: to seduce Yvette, in her childhood. beloved. To attract her attention, she designed a colorful bathing suit. Its cut, inspired by the boxer shorts of California surfers, contrasted with the tight swimsuits, which were fashionable at the time. In addition to beating her beloved, this unique piece also attracts the stars, who are in number on the beach. The couple later discovered the Vilebrequin brand, whose name and logo symbolize the love of its maker for the car. Each piece requires 32 production steps. Exclusive prints are also part of the house signature.

Converted essay

The Eden Park rugby shirt was born under the impetus of a sporting duo. 35 years ago, Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc, both Racing Club de France rugby players and fashion lovers, decided to create their brand. Naturally they would resort to the rugby jersey which they decided to ignore at every angle. The pink bow tie, the emblematic logo of Eden Park, refers to the 1990 Top 14 final, played and won by the brand’s two founders. During a boozy dinner, teammates began to imagine their costumes during the win. Seeing the black tuxedo was too strict for a celebration, they decided to twist it with a pink bow tie, the color of the Racing mascot. Today, the Eden Park polo shirt remains a reference, whether at the heart of the fight or outside the stadiums.

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Between Land and sea

Military uniforms have always inspired many fashion pieces, such as the marinière, made in 1858 for military navy uniforms. If its origin remains unclear, some legends say that the waves make it easier to identify someone who has fallen into the sea, others ask for a financial issue. At that time, indigo dye was expensive. Replacing white and blue could have reduced some clothing costs. Long limited to military use, the Saint-James sailor top became more popular in the 1970s. Widespread now in summer wardrobes, it is a summer must-have.

From the army to the coast

Bermuda shorts have their origins in British colonization. In the 19th century, English soldiers stationed in the Bermuda archipelago decided to shorten their trousers to better withstand the tropical heat. Taking the name of the place of its creation, Bermuda shorts have become more democratic from the 1960s with the liberalization of morality. Now, this piece is inseparable in the summer. Unsatisfied with the cuts and quality of Bermuda shorts sold in the market, Dutch businessman Steven Vrendenbarg launched Mr Marvis in 2016, a brand that focuses heavily on quality and durability. His goal: to design the perfect shorts, pretty simple.

Praise for “friday wear”

In the late 19th century, American soldiers in the Philippines exchanged wool for their trousers and cotton, which was more suited to the local climate. Sold by the Chinese, these lighter pants are called “chinos”. It’s at the heart of the DNA of Dockers, a subsidiary of Levi’s. To carry these pants, both light and casual chic, toopen space, the label contacted American companies in the 1980s and suggested they invite their employees to dress more relaxed on Friday. the wear on friday was born. Its success will allow Dockers chino to become a wardrobe icon. As clothing requirements become more relaxed in the office, chinos once again come into their own.

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