The dog eats grass? Why this strange behavior and what can be done to discourage it?

You walk away from your 4-legged friend and you turn around for a moment only to discover that he is grazing? He nibbles on a big bite of fodder and you’re completely shocked? If this is the first time you have witnessed an extraordinary act, you can easily send panic. Otherwise, you’ll probably think about the vinegar you’ll clean later from the living room carpet. However, try to stay calm, because a dog eating grass is not always something to be alarmed about. But why is this shocking behavior and it causes problems? When to worry and are there ways to prevent dogs from eating grass?

Is dog food normal?

Occasional grass eating can be a sign that your dog is trying to soothe his aching stomach. Some puppies vomit soon after swallowing, while others refrain from their vegan snack. Why? Often, a dog that eats grass and does not vomit does not eat enough to regurgitate. A small study from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine showed that only 22% of the dogs studied vomited after eating grass and only 9% showed signs of illness before doing so. The researchers concluded that eating grass and other plants is normal behavior for pet dogs.

Are there any animal health risks?

dog eating grass and vomiting why the strange behavior is discouraging

But sometimes even normal behavior can be harmful. For example, grass can be treated with herbicides and pesticides that are poisonous to dogs. A dog that eats grass can also eat intestinal parasites, such as roundworms and hookworms, that are left in animal feces. So, if you notice your Pug eating frequently or excessively, watch out. In case of frequent vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite, bloody stools or weakness, please consult your veterinarian.

Why does my dog ​​eat grass?

dog eating grass why strange behavior what discouraging

If you’re wondering, “Why does my dog ​​eat grass?” you must first realize that this is not a measure of all questions, nor one that is fully understood by scientists. In fact, the motives behind this unique food choice can be many and we will examine them individually in the following passages.

She is malnourished

why does my dog ​​eat grass health hazard how to weaken

Some dog enthusiasts and veterinarians believe that a dog that eats grass exhibits a kind of pica. It is the tendency to waste substances that are not commonly eaten that is also seen in some young children. Specialists believe that it is linked to a lack of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the diet that are not in daily drinking. So consider dietary changes and talk to your veterinarian, especially if this behavior happens frequently.

Your dog friend needs more fiber

dog that eats grass and does not vomit why how to faint

Along the same lines, eating grass can also be your dog’s way of getting more fiber. Dietary fiber helps him digest his food, pass wastes and improve his gastrointestinal system.

He relied on his ancestral instincts

dog that eats grass and does not vomit why what to lose motivation

If his diet is complete and balanced, a dog that eats grass can only rely on his instinct. Over time, the digestive system, food needs and desires of dogs have evolved to adapt to the lifestyle of domestic dogs, but not 100%. Wild dogs in ancient times sought their own prey and this often consisted of a herbivorous animal that had already eaten its own food. This is why some theorists hypothesize that contemporary dogs have a natural appetite for herbaceous plants.

The dog that eats grass takes its antacid

dog eating grass and vomiting why risk how to faint

“Help! My dog ​​eats grass and vomits yellow! Don’t worry too much, because this is not a serious problem and there is a simple solution. The yellow foam vomited by a dog that eats grass than bile, its presence usually indicates that your soft friend has an empty stomach.Bile can be very irritating to the stomach and cause great discomfort.In such a situation, people take antacids for pain relief, but the dogs can only eat grass to help expel bile and feel good.So, if your pet is likely to graze in the morning, give it its food before going out.A small meal at night, before bed, can also help.

Your pet is tired

why does my dog ​​eat grass what can discourage behavior

Do you have a fenced yard and have the option of letting your friend smoke free? Good luck! The problem is, most pooches prefer your company, if they don’t get annoyed. If they play alone in the garden and they use grass, maybe the lack of fun is what keeps them going. A dog that eats grass due to boredom may lose motivation with regular training, positive rewards and interesting games like throwing a ball.

She serves herself delicious food

why does my dog ​​eat grass differently how to be discouraged

Of course, your dog can just enjoy the taste and texture of the fragrant, wet grass in his mouth. This is all the more true when the new strands have just sprouted for the first time in the spring and when your dog is thirsty. So, always put a bowl of fresh water in the garden and bring a dispenser on your walks to quench your partner’s thirst.

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