Teaching your dog to roll: our advice

The roll is a trick game that can be interesting to teach your dog to have fun and encourage him. However, like all learning, it is important to follow a few steps. See our advice in this file.

Why teach your dog to roll?

Teaching dog tricks is very beneficial in many ways. On the one hand, it contributes to his education, to accustom the dog to learning, to stimulate his intellect and integrate new learning. In addition, it strengthens the relationship between the animal and its master, their connection and trust in each other.

Teaching your doggie to roll is an order that combines the principle of obedience, developing coordination, but also fun and play.This is not an important basic sequence, but it shows an interest because the animal is moved mentally, physically and emotionally. The dog was happy to do this movement, he enjoyed it.

On the other hand, it is important to be careful in practicing training sessions and learning in the appropriate environment. Choose a quiet, safe place without stimulation to help the animal stay focused. To teach your little friend to roll, you can sit in your living room or in your garden. As this progresses, you can copy sessions in public places.

Keep in mind that the ground can be hard and destructive if the dog rolls on the ground. Prefer to work on a carpet, rug or blanket to avoid moving painfully.

Equip yourself with medications to motivate your pooch. You can use kibble so as not to interfere with his daily ration. Organize short sessions, 10 to 15 minutes maximum, but often to allow the animal to progress well. Each learning should be divided into phases. Each step must be fully mastered before proceeding to the next. It should also be noted that learning the command “down!” important for teaching your pooch to roll, as this is the starting position.

We have made a point of ensuring that dog education should take place in a good and positive framework. Positive education based on motivation and reward has clearly proven its value. It is important that the dog owner be patient, encouraging and confident towards his little companion, that he will accompany him in his learning through congratulations and rewards to promote the breeding of good manners. Bad habits are ignored to encourage the animal never to repeat it again. Through this, the dog is happy to satisfy his master, he becomes an actor in his learning and he acquires the right techniques. He understood the right thing to do.

In contrast, traditional education, which relies more on methods of punishment, consists of punishing wrongdoing. True, the dog will eventually no longer breed bad behavior, but this is only to avoid punishment. On the other hand, he didn’t learn the right move, he was content to avoid the thing he feared. This form of education is unreasonable, as are methods based on violence and humiliation.

How to teach your dog to roll?

Here are the steps we advise you to follow to teach your dog to roll.

Step 1: the “lying down” position!

Before teaching your dog to roll, it is important that he master the “down!” command, because this is the starting position he has to take in order to start learning. If your pooch hasn’t mastered it yet, it’s best to teach him in advance, otherwise you won’t be able to get to the rolling stage.

If your dog masters “down!”, Order your pet to lie on the ground and kneel in front of him.

Step 2: start moving

Put a medicine in your hand. Present the palm raised up in front of your little partner’s chin.

You can gently push its muzzle to encourage your dog to turn it towards its shoulder by wrapping your hand to turn it down.

At the same time, place your arm over his head. Your dog will have to follow the food with his muzzle, which can lose his balance and cause him to turn the other way.

If he obeys, praise him with a gentle word and a caress, then give him the attention to confirm his character.

Stage n ° 3: the complete tour

When the previous step has been well earned, it is time to teach your pet to do a full turn, in other words a roll of the ground. To do this, you need to express a clear order, systematically consistent and always pronounced with the same tone of voice so that the doggie recounts the word in action. “Roll!”, “Roll!”, “Roll!” or else, the choice is yours.

During this step, you need to keep moving your hand so that your animal completely rolls on its side. It may not completely rotate in the first shot. With each progress, reward him with a treat and praise him to encourage him to keep moving.

Throughout the sessions, reward your dog if he makes two consecutive rolls.

Always encourage your pooch with a treat to encourage him to copy the move to get a reward. Be sure to always say the order when it is complete. Over time, grab the rewards with medications to slowly encourage your little friend to just follow your finger.

Note, however, that you do not need to chain multiple rolls to avoid damaging your dog.

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