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Loved OM in the 1990s before gradually moving away from it, director Aymeric Colleta revealed this Thursday a documentary mini-series of images of Olympian supporters. A project put together before Covid, and finally revealed to the general public with a simple purpose: to put faces on the so -called. Fadas.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​making a series of photos of OM supporters?
It started with a call from the producer, Mathieu Rozières, who told me there was material to do something bad, new to Marseille supporters. We are still in the cliché of Marseillais who are afraid of degun, but there is a wealth, a different profile of these people. The series is eight episodes, eight encounters with unexpected people, unimaginable to one of the unconditional supporters of a club. It’s from the accountant to the chef. We found it interesting to do something about this intimate love, with a different prism, that didn’t include football pictures. The goal is to show how this love of OM is rooted in everyday life, regardless of your social place, your job, your social background. We don’t want to be known and clichéd faces like René Malleville (died last September, editor’s note), we are looking for unique people. They’re all brainwashed, so we call it that Fadas.

And you, are you crazy about OM too?
I am 37 years old, OM Cantona and Papin arrested me. Growing up in the south, I watched my parents go to the Vélodrome in 1992, 1993, 1994. I had whims at the Canebière store. I still have a sky blue Adidas tracksuit from the season which is very nice. I slept with it at the hotel that day and didn’t pick it up for a week. I was bitten well. After all, for Marseillais, I’m a bit footix, because I like the game so much, the show, that when we’re down in the ranking, if our game isn’t good, I’m less of a club. I don’t have this honesty and the length of the souls of the people I film. It is only by supporting France that I have found this unshakable loyalty they have for their club.

“We are still in the cliché of Marseillais who are afraid of degun, but there are rich, different profiles of these people.»

Did you use it for filming?
I wrote this with Jean-Baptiste Loi, who is a real OM fan. With his head on the steering wheel, I took a step back because I was the club from a distance. This is the danger to avoid in these cases: find the limit, because you have to tell the story of these characters and not just keep it to yourself.

Precisely, what are you trying to show through these eight images?
We want strong personalities, which we find out after a pre-survey. We launch calls on social networks, we call on our friendly networks in Marseille and everywhere, on supporters ’clubs, even if it’s not the most productive in the end. Well, that allows us to find Bacary, in the heart of Senegal. We didn’t get him to base, we found him in his corner, we talked to him and there bam, you get a story out of your head. You immediately feel the emotional fiber, a universe, a strong testimony. In Brittany, we met Julien. A man with 500 OM jerseys under his roof. You know that no matter what, it will work. But by talking to him, it takes on another dimension. I love the scene where he starts making papinades in a field. He was pure, he brought it all back to our childhood.

You start the series with two unique profiles, a star chef and an accountant. Who impresses you the most?
The broadcast order is not the same as the shooting, it is arbitrary. We wanted to start the chef series from Intercontinental to show that we do differently. Then we went back to the more expected, inevitable personalities. And we ended up with the strongest: Bacary of Senegal. It was the last we shot, before Covid. You landed on the spot, deep in Senegal, after a few WhatsApp exchanges. And there, you see someone with an impressive charisma, that OM gives strength to live, courage. She was really carried away by his love.

“Saint-Étienne and Lens approached it perhaps through their enthusiasm, their loyalty, their love. But the OM is bigger, overflowing, vomiting. »

Does that mean this project was completed before Covid? The wait can be frustrating!
Yes. Post-production ended immediately after the first lockdown. For reasons beyond our control, the series remained warm for a long time in the drawers of OM who bought it from us. It shows again now, after a complicated period of stances, it is good to show these faces of supporterism. But we were really confused.

What is the life of this project?
OM will first broadcast it on its app to subscribers, we will broadcast it this Thursday in preview. We work on secondary operations, and then OM will probably distribute it more widely afterwards. We want to see him as much as possible, of course. We thought of a short format, but not too much either. We would have been longer, except for one character. But making it too short takes the risk of a crowbar edit. It doesn’t translate the characters the same way.

Is it possible to reject it by another club?
(Silence.) He’s strong, that … First of all, OM is one of the biggest fan base in quantity and quality, active, enthusiastic, with a long history, with profound consequences. In France, Saint-Étienne and Lens approached it perhaps through their enthusiasm, their loyalty, their love. But the OM is bigger, overflowing, vomiting. In Europe, we can extend to Dortmund, Liverpool, Naples, maybe Sevilla FC or hot spots like that, or to England. The absolute dream is Latin America, it’s almost religious there. And if we are offered to re-stack a second time on Fadasi will go with both feet together.

“Breton collector Julien, he cleaned his frames with a fake Chinese PSG jersey. When he showed it to me, I died of laughter.»

How do you explain the madness surrounding this club?
Barça said to himself Mine than a clubMarseille diay My only football. Often, when you paint a picture of strangers, there is a distrust. There, you go down, the doors open immediately. I haven’t seen that yet. People were so excited that we came to talk about it, it tickled me a lot. They are warm -blooded Mediterranean, yes, but with a lot of generosity, human warmth, a sense of sharing. We also often find in them the deep ties of childhood, family and social status. And then, what’s bright and funny is that all the fans without exception I’ve seen, at some point, define themselves in relation to their relationship of love for OM, and hatred of PSG. Breton collector Julien, he cleaned his frames with a fake Chinese PSG jersey. When he showed me, I died of laughter.

Why does OM inspire more creativity?
It is related to everything we say. The question comes from all of this. There is an established, active community that makes OM in today’s social media era a much more conversational topic. And the human, documentary, editorial, historical material around the club is a dream. This story remains at present unique in France and Europe. It is an inexhaustible material.

Interview by Adrien Hémard-Dohain

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