Qatar 2022: is sex outside of marriage banned during the World Cup?

This is the information that has been circulating in the European media in recent times. According to the English newspaper The Daily Star, prostitution outside of marriage is strictly banned during the World Cup in Qatar next November and December. Thus the article shows that sex “should never be included in the menu, unless you come as husband and wife”. Something that will confuse the many tourists, football fans, technical teams and other entourage of players who come to stay for the occasion in the Muslim Emirate.

“There is no one-night stand in this tournament. Everyone has to stay cool -headed, unless they want to be put in danger of going to jail. Fans need to be ready for the first World Cup without sex, ”a police source, presumably British, reportedly told the tabloid. Also according to the newspaper, public displays of affection, such as kissing or simply holding hands, are “resisted” and banned.

A few weeks ago, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, said: “I also want everyone to come, understand and admire different cultures alike. We all live on the same planet, but the each of us has a different culture.We welcome everyone, but we also expect and want people to respect our culture.But what exactly is this? Are players and supporters at risk of being imprisoned if there is sex outside of marriage?

A relaxation during competition?

FIFA, some of whose officials told the Daily Star there were no “exceptions”, has so far not responded to our requests. “Fornication outside of marriage is officially prohibited and punishable by a sentence of imprisonment in Qatar (note: seven years in prison and one hundred lashes) but in reality, the law is less applicable”, he explained. although a diplomatic source, before adding: “Tolerance should be even greater during the World Cup, if we are to trust the Qatari declarations, even if there is no written assurance on the subject.»

In this regard, the organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar stands behind the latest statements on the subject, which is why all football fans are welcome in Qatar, indicating that they do not concerned about the privacy of the fans who attend. Qatar during competition month. At the same time, the Secretary General of the Organizing Committee, Hassan Al-Thawadi, revealed this Wednesday at the Qatar Economic Forum that nearly 1.2 million tickets had been sold after the second round of sales, for nearly 40 million requests.

In general, since its recognition, the World Cup in Qatar has been debated as the host country’s laws are very strict and contrary to Western customs. Therefore, sodomy or sexual intercourse between men are punishable offenses and punishable by up to seven years in prison. In April, members of the LGBTQIA + community were asked by a World Cup security official to be vigilant during competition. “If you want to express your views on the LGBT cause, do it in a society where it is acceptable. (…) So don’t go and insult the whole society,” he said.

In addition, the situation of women in Qatar raises questions, the latter having an obligation to “dress modestly”, with covered shoulders and knees, even if not forced to wear the veil. They should also consult with their “guardian” for any important decisions, such as studying abroad or getting married.

Finally, while a competition like the FIFA World Cup is often akin to partying and drinking, drinking alcohol and getting drunk on public streets is also a sin. However, the law should be relaxed during the World Cup, with fans being allowed to drink alcohol in fan zones or in certain bars and restaurants.

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