Love is in the past: their story is wrong, separation and suicide …

Many couples were born thanks to the program presented by Karine Le Marchand, “Love is in the grass”. However, one wonders what happened to these couples after they left the show. are they still married or blind? We give you the answer in this article.

Love is in the pasture: Stéphanie and Hervé

The couple has already discussed a lot on the web. And this, because of Hervé’s particularity in his arrival on the show. In fact, the 44-year-old cow breeder has never known love before and she was still a virgin when she arrived on adventure.

But, not anymore! Hervé meets a woman, Stephanie. They are still together to this day. In addition, the couple celebrated their first anniversary on April 18, 2022. And with a message full of love Stéphanie paid tribute to her husband.

Love is in the pasture: Jean-Pierre from season 5

Known for his outspokenness during the show, Jean-Pierre is far from being a person forgotten by audiences. Unfortunately, the candidate did not find a shoe that fit him. After the show, we heard a lot more about him until the deadly day when the media announced his death. Jean-Pierre’s life was not a calm river. As a teenager, he lost his father.

As for her mother, who “didn’t want her to see anyone”, she died after she was told she would join “Love is in the meadow”. Nor was his job as a breeder easy. In addition, due to fatigue associated with his work and the bank’s refusal to grant him a loan he ended his life on December 14, 2016.

Source: M6

Love is in the pasture: François and Marie-Line

François had two suitors during the fourth season of “Love is in the Meadow”, Marie-Paule and Marie-Line. However, Marie-Line was the choice of her heart. Since then, they have lived a beautiful love story. After the show, the two lovebirds still remained and gave birth to a baby.

However, despite all expectations, Marie-Line left Françoi five days after their son’s baptism. What happened? We don’t know, but according to François “He doesn’t like the farm”. A situation that greatly upset Johnny Hallyday’s fan. After being dumped by the man he loves, François tries to reconnect with Marie-Pauline. But she doesn’t seem to have her feelings anymore.

“He called me to ask if I wanted to go upstairs to vacation with him. He called me a month after his separation, he wanted to pay me for train tickets (…) I don’t like him, ”he said here.

Source: M6

Maud and Jean-Claude

The duo Jean-Claude and Maud are unforgettable! In fact, contrary to what we usually see on the show, for these two candidates, the woman is seducing the man. Cupid seems to have done his job well, as the two are together. Jean-Claude welcomed Maud with these children, and they formed a united family.

The couple revolves around perfect love. And years later they gave birth to a girl named Charlotte. However, the sky was dark for the two former candidates. After five years of their participation in the show, Jean-Claude was convicted of domestic violence. He would have “kicked his partner, pushed him leading to his downfall”.

Not only that, he also allegedly attacked his campaign son, who was 15 at the time. Faced with all these accusations, the farmer said it was all false.

“There was an argument but I didn’t get hit. Argumentation and violence are different, ”he said before saying that they were still with Laud.

As we can see, not all roses are for former candidates after their participation in the program hosted by Karine Le Marchand. However, children are born thanks to the M6. That is always adorable! What do you think?

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