leak reveals a major change in Sony’s service, and it will cost you

This Thursday, June 23, the new version of PlayStation Plus will officially launch in France. This combination of the old PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now is offered to players in the form of three offers: Essential, Extra and Premium. And on the eve of the launch of this new version with us, a drop is likely to hurt the morale of regular PlayStation Plus gift cards.

a more modern playstation

With this new formula, players should not be confused with the initial formula, which retains the current advantages of the PlayStation Plus. The other two offers are wider, and therefore more expensive, with different bonuses. But everyone can benefit from the popular games offered every month by Sony. Gifts aimed at keeping players, with more or less popular titles. But as explained in the FAQ section of the service: “If you subscribe to the same service [PS Now, PS Plus] when the new PlayStation Plus launches, you will switch to the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription plan and you will get a new payment date based on the higher of your two subscriptions. ”

So if a user has a PlayStation Plus subscription that expires at the end of the year and a PlayStation Now subscription that expires in 2025, its Premium offer ends with the farthest subscription, which is the one that ends in 2025. Faced with this solution, many interested parties tried to experiment by accumulating years of subscriptions to take advantage of an offer at the lowest price. A technique that was quickly blocked by Sony, which seems to have side effects. In fact, players who want to extend their subscription through prepaid cards are now in trouble. Many Internet users have tried to praise the PlayStation in search of an answer, after purchasing a PlayStation Plus prepaid card, its use is now banned by Sony.

But in a press release sent by IGN, Sony explained that it has temporarily deactivated the possibility of redeeming PS Plus codes purchased from online retailers. In addition, those who take a subscription while benefiting from a time discount will have to pay the difference to get the upgrade without considering the discounts. Thus, the earned promotion is canceled during the upgrade. In addition, it is not possible to update within a month or a year. Players are required to upgrade for the duration of their current membership. It’s common for some to commit to a multi -year subscription that jumps at the chance of a nice time discount. So they find themselves having to pay a high price for their subscription for the duration of their commitment.

the end of storage soon?

But as discovered on the site XGP.pl, Sony seems to be eliminating PlayStation Plus membership cards that can be purchased from physical or digital stores. For a long time, Sony sold PS Plus subscription cards through the PlayStation Store and physical cards. Instead of these PS Plus cards, Sony seems to be content to sell PlayStation gift cards that people can then add to their account to pay for their PlayStation Plus subscription if they want.

At this point, it’s unclear if Sony will resell PS Plus subscription cards, especially since with the launch of its new service, the manufacturer could face confused customers. With 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month cards, for Essential, Extra and Premium offers, the number of cards on the market can be confusing to subscribers. But the biggest change is likely to affect regulars in their promotions.

And for good reason, on the occasion of Black Friday, in particular, it is possible to subscribe at a lower price thanks to the reductions of these cards, thanks to digital offers. But in physical stores, discounts can be even more interesting. So, with the disappearance of these cards, the fee could be even higher for PlayStation Plus subscribers, especially as prices go up with this new formula.

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