Higher Education Council: Frédéric Marchand challenges new minister to the current weakness of our education system

A strong message was sent by the government and the President of the Republic. Large numbers of the majority were beaten, including ministers. In addition, RN is the highest in our country and abstention, especially among young people, is very high. For UNSA Education, there is a strong need for a more peaceful society and the desire to listen to be united. In this sense, the role of social dialogue and the place of mediating bodies need to be strengthened. The latter should be social mediators.

An electoral cycle has just ended, and many political, social, democratic and even constitutional lessons can be learned from it. To stay in the field of education, we want to focus this statement, for UNSA Education, on the current weakness of our education system. It really needs to be fully measured and the connection between staff and even the entire education community needs to be improved.

In our ministry, issues of youth and citizenship also need to be considered. This weakness in the system has several causes:

  • First, a very vertical operation of implementing reforms, a rhythm and methods that are not sustainable and a system that is put under stress at all levels. The trust in the title of the 2019 law has not been fulfilled on the ground, where actors must be accompanied, supported and not exhausted by conflicting orders and requests for constant feedback on the communication service from all angles.
  • Second, a health crisis marked this past 2 years and disrupted the lives of services, schools, establishments, staff and users. Consequences need to be measured and addressed in the long term, especially for Mental Health children and staff, a priority topic in neighboring countries that we have not discussed here, or even in situations of professional fatigue that have become widespread.
  • Finally, we live a systematic crisis of our education system in terms of devaluation, danger and weakness of our education professionsmade more visible in recent weeks by major recruitment difficulties.

We measured these different crises in barometer at work which we do every year, where we present the results of 10th edition, Minister, during our first meeting at the end of May. The results are very worrying for our public education service, if the growing and growing majority of staff do not agree with the policy choices made or if a large proportion of staff are no longer seen- the meaning of their missions. Of the 43,000 respondents, only 22% would recommend their work to a young person around them!

This multifactorial crisis, Mr. Minister, we need strong measures to uplift our education system, which has deteriorated in the last 5 years, to restore the confidence of the staff. For UNSA Education, we claim a shock of attractiveness for our professions. We need to operate in working conditions in all their dimensions, with initial and ongoing training to meet professional challenges, adequate resources and significant upgrades for ALL staff that ensure them economically. and identify them financially. We also asked Index Treatment Supplement for Physicians and Nurses as well as the corresponding bonus for social service assistants. The statement of decisions recording the revaluation of the administrative sector that we have signed must be respected. And the ITRF personnel in our ministries should finally be identified.

Of the urgent measures we have called for, the problem of low wages is a priority. Category B and C employees should benefit from specific measures for their purchasing power. Likewise, the status of educational assistants, waiting for an application decree to be able to access the change of their contract to a permanent contract, needs your attention, because this delay puts the heads of establishments preparing for at the beginning of the school year in difficulty. And since this is a question for us to deprecarizing, we underline the situation in Supporters of students with disabilities whose working conditions are difficult and whose wages and circumstances do not suit the ambition of an inclusive school that we have.

You communicate emergency measures to deal with the situation in terms of lack of staff and we welcome them, but more broadly, for the whole school year our concern: recruitment is necessary by mobilizing all possible solutions to recruit and permanent civil servants, especially by immediately recruiting more lists of competitions, to extend or recruit contract workers on multi-year contracts. And these steps should also be taken as soon as possible so that it can be done under good conditions.

One of your first announcements, Minister, about launching a major School debate, in connection with the formation of a national refoundation council announced by the President of the Republic after his election. This debate can only be useful if the conclusions are not written in advance. This consultation can only improve the education system if it engages the entire education community without putting staff and users in conflict, as has been done in 5 years. We should know that there is great hesitation in opening this debate because trust is so weak. To be successful, this exercise must be sufficiently consistent with the expectations of staff, it has clear objectives, the conclusions are not written in advance and do not involve the unions of workers, due to lack of destruction of failure, as we saw it recently for health crisis management that caused a major social event in January.

Another announcement was made during the presidential campaign about the teaching profession and an upgrade involved in the new missions. We would like to inform you, Minister, of this conditional upgrade. It is not in this way that we need to get involved in making the teaching profession more attractive, as we have already shown during Grenelle’s education period last year. We must first recognize the reality of the profession today and the workload that has increased over the past few years.

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