here is the very first smartphone management video

Nothing phone (1) continues to show itself ahead of its official launch on July 12th. After the presentation of its design, we now have the rights to the first video handover of the smartphone and it was signed by MKBHD.

The world’s first Nothing phone management (1) // Source: MKBHD

The announcement of Nothing phone (1) was not expected before July 12, but the smartphone seems unwilling to wait and already wants to come out of hiding to reveal itself to the world. We already observed its design for the first time and learned more in a video showing behind the scenes of the brand and, since then, the device has been put up for auction (the first 100 models only).

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– Wala Wala) June 21, 2022

However, the smartphone is now revealed in a first video of complete handling.

A little tour of the owner

This is YouTubeur MKBHD with the privilege of first testing the famous transparent smartphone. So the company continues to use satire as a weapon to choose its strategy by allowing information to be filtered through small touches until it happens.

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This video allows us to have a better look at the complete front and back design of the smartphone. We can see here that the Nothing phone (1) has a screen with borders of all the same features and a punch for the front camera located in the upper left corner of the screen. Screen whose exact dimensions are not yet known.

no phone (1) mkbhd
The front of Nothing phone (1) // Source: MKBHD

A bright back is well used

As for the pattern on the back consisting of LEDs, Nobody gave it a nice little name: the “Glyph”. These approximately 900 LEDs are designed in such a way as to provide precise and controllable devices through a dedicated interface. Called the “Glyph Interface”, this page offers many customizations related to the back pattern.

We have, for example, light patterns that react differently in a synchronized manner to 10 types of ringtones. Each diagram can thus be associated with a particular contact. But also indications about phone notifications, the use of Google Assistant, animations according to the user’s bedtime schedule, and more. The videographer determined that at launch, we would be entitled to a wide variety of light patterns for notifications in certain applications.

The No Phone LOOKS Race 3-51 screenshot
Different ring patterns are built into the smartphone // Source: MKBHD

The pattern can also react to more specific objects. The center feature lights up if wireless charging, reverse or not, continues. The small exclamation point at the bottom is used to show the smartphone’s charging rate in real time. All you have to do is shake the phone to consult it.

The LEDs on the smartphone can also light up simultaneously to serve as additional light for the camera, which exceeds the power of a normal flash. A red LED is also placed on the back of the smartphone to indicate that a video recording is in progress.

The feature called “Flip to Glyph” also allows you to position the smartphone to use it in a less distracting way by receiving notifications and calls without light.

If you can see all the tools considered here, it is clear that this pattern is not due to chance and that every detail may be of interest to use. It remains to be seen when and at what price it will be offered.

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