From Nvidia to IKEA, here’s who participated in the Metaverse Standards Forum

The metaverse is a new enough concept that has a different meaning to different people. Some think of the metaverse as a space for digital twins, for example, while others associate it with more immersive video games. One thing is for sure, though: Large companies are already investing a lot of money to establish themselves in the metaverse.

Qualcomm, for example, has launched a $ 100 million “Snapdragon Metaverse” fund and is working with Square Enix on XR games. This funding will be used to support developers creating XR experiences.

To ensure that these investments pay off, several large organizations have joined as founding members of the Metaverse Standards Forum – a forum for companies and standards organizations that want to influence standards to serve as the foundation of an open metaverse. . .

“We’re creating a new internet interface that’s more similar to the interface we’ve had in the world around us forever,” Rev Lebaredian, vice president of omniversal engineering and technology at Nvidia, told ZDNet. simulation. “A 3D world similar to the one we live in”.

The forum, he added, “will open [le métavers] more use and make it more natural for more people to participate and use it to do all sorts of things. ”

The list of founding members includes several major technology companies, such as Meta, Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, Autodesk, Adobe, Alibaba, Epic Games, Huawei, Qualcomm and Sony. There are also retail giants Ikea and Wayfair. The forum now includes organizations such as the Spatial Web Foundation, the Web3D Consortium, the Khronos Group, and the World Wide Web Consortium.

What types of patterns are required in the metaverse? To answer this question, forum members looked at the basics of the web.

It took twenty years to develop HTML5

“The first internet, before the web, had an abstract and simple interface,” Lebaredian said. “There’s only one text. You have to connect to a modem and type commands into a shell. … It’s limited to most people’s computers. When we introduced the web, we opened it up. to many people, and now to billions of people, because they can interface more naturally with images, text and video. ”

One of the main standards that open up the web is HTML, the markup language that allows text and images with hyperlinks to be added to web pages. It took about 20 years to develop HTML5, which allowed many videos and feature-rich applications to be brought to the web. According to Lebaredian, developing adult standards for the metaverse can take as long.

“That’s why we have to start as soon as possible,” he added.

The forum is open free of charge to all organizations. It aims to give emphasis to pragmatic projects, such as implementing prototyping, hackathons, plugfests, and open source tools, to facilitate testing and adoption of metaverse standards.

According to Lebaredian, the forum should ideally include companies from all verticals, including manufacturing, AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) and healthcare. According to Lebaredian, IKEA has already invested heavily in 3D technologies, showing how retailers use the metaverse. Most of the images in its catalog, for example, are all translated digitally.

“You can think of almost every major industry that has benefited from this, like they do on the web,” Lebaredian said.

To keep up with the metaverse

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