for example, in love, what is the danger?

What if our thoughts had an influence on our lives? That’s what the Law of Attraction suggests. This concept shows in particular that our positive thoughts and emotions attract similar events and people to us. How does it apply to love and daily life? Answers with Sylvie Lair.

Definition: what is the law of attraction?

We are attracted to what we think. This is what the Law of Attraction provides, a faith that means that our thoughts -whether positive or negative- influence in our lives. “If I’m invited to a family party and I’m not happy with the possibility of seeing people or wasting time, I’ll go there dressed up. No one wanted to talk to me and I would come out of this family reunion thinking I was right.“explained Sylvie Lair, clinical psychologist, to explain how this law works.”On the other hand, if I apply the law of attraction and say I will have fun there, I will talk to people who will take care of me on an intellectual level. The way I approach a family reunion can be very different.“continued the psychologist. The 369 method – famous among TikTok followers – inspired by this Law. This demonstration technique developed by Youtuber Karin Yee consists of writing a wish, 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times in the evening and concentrating on it for 17 seconds each time, all within in 33 to 45 days. Beware though: the law of attraction is not a magical thought: “it’s not about crossing your fingers and closing your eyes to wake up in front of the Christmas tree“. So it’s not a light, nor a prayer. For Sylvie Lair, nor is it about the will. “This is the dry which we ask“lined up professionally.

The law of attraction is not a wish.

Money, work, health … The Law of Attraction can be applied every day to different aspects of life. If we want something, the main thing is to make intentions. And the first step is to explain it. “We may want to make money but the real question is why“advised Sylvie Lair”If it is, for example, to go for the weekend and to live an experience, it is necessary to clearly express this intention and to express a desire. My body will then vibrate and multiply electromagnetic forces that will allow my heart, my thoughts and my emotions to create some kind of chemistry so I can imagine myself this weekend.“psychologist details before adding”the second step is to feel grateful for what I have and what I have like the roof of my head“. The idea is to make yourself a reality. Applying the law of attraction on a daily basis also requires patience.. “We have to keep doing what we want and is in action“explained the specialist.”If, for example, a patient is unhappy at work, I ask him or her to describe the ideal service. If I respond to him that he still wants to collaborate and cooperate, I advise him to focus on what he can to have these elements in his current situation and visualize this service.“.

In love, intention and action so is the key! “If I want to have a relationship and I stay within my four walls, the partner won’t come and sit next to me. On the contrary Imagining being with me will give an emotion of well -being and encouragement“explained Sylvie Lair”The key is to express the present and the affirmative of my desire to be together. To imagine that I was living with her outings, a sex life but also thanking the universe for allowing me to open my eyes“It’s also important to get to know each other, to know why we want to be in a relationship and what we really want.”It can be supported, vibrated and shared. It is necessary see 360 ​​° and more superficial things like “the handsome boy with the chocolate bars or the one with the wallet‘. You have to be willing to welcome others that I don’t have to be what I want “. Survival is important as well as putting things in perspective when you can’t get what you want. “When we think positively, we put things into perspective by telling ourselves that if we don’t have an answer, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to make your truth.”

What are the risks and dangers of the law of attraction?

In recent years, the law of attraction has made its way – especially on social networks – with prescribers of all kinds. “The risk can be sect of people who are likely to promise the Moon“Sylvie Lair warned.”You can find charlatans selling the idea of ​​the Law of Attraction “without effort”.

What is the best book on the Law of Attraction?

For the psychologist, the book “Positive thinking 2.0, The law of attraction finally explains by Yves-Alexandre Thalmann is an important work. “The author is a psychologist who works in positive psychology and measures his words using neuroscience.“reasoned the professional.

Other works are as follows The Law of Attraction – The Secret Keys to Getting What You Want by Esther and Jerry Hicks and The law of attraction: Instructions for use: towards happiness, success and achievement by Slavica Bogdanov released in 2018. 50 exercises to practice the law of attraction by Virgile Stanislas Martin offers tools to use it every day, such as the Toobee autosuggestion tool. “From this application, it is possible to create sentences and programs on the benefit of breaks around gratitude and joy of life, echoing the Law of Attraction.“.

Thanks to Sylvie Lair, clinical psychologist.

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