Constant love will not make you happy –

An American study showed that couples who increased the frequency of their hugs were no happier than others. In other words, in sex like elsewhere, it’s better to favor quality than quantity, gentlemen!

A real link between sexuality and happiness?

There is an undeniable positive link between sex and pleasure, as noted by American researchers in a medical study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University. Scientists add that happiness allows you to focus a little on the thing and that.Being healthy helps you feel good and have sex.

But simply increasing the frequency of sex with your partner is not a sure recipe for happy couples, according to research.

The team worked with 128 heterosexual and married people between the ages of 35 and 65. We interviewed them to establish initial weekly sexuality statistics for each couple. The researchers randomly selected a few couples and asked them to double their usual sexual activity each week.

The experiment was extended for three months, during which the scientists regularly talked to all the couples – even those belonging to the control group, without changing anything in its usual movement on the pillow.

Don’t force yourself to fall in love just for the number

Participants were asked to complete online questions about their health, well -being, and sexual pleasure. The researchers did not hesitate to ask them to describe their sex life in detail, even in the positions they adopted.

People who increased their ratios did not balk, the researchers explained, but they nevertheless registered a slight decrease in benefit. They explain it through a low sexual desire and through the artificial side of exercise that can cause problems during some reports.

Carnegie Melon’s George Loewenstein says couples who need to work hard can change their thinking about their relationships. “from a voluntary activity to an activity related to a study”. The latter clearly shows the importance of determination and enthusiasm to each member of the couple to increase the frequency of their love affair in order to reap real benefits.

“If we do the study again, and if we have the means, we will try to encourage topics to start and more sex but in sexy settings, like a hotel or buying cotton sheets. Egyptian, rather than just telling them to keep it going ”, says the study’s lead author, George Loewenstein. His research shows Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

So how often should you have sex?

Based on the national average, it looks like that French couples will fall in love every 3 days, for a total of 8.7 reports per month. So don’t listen to everyone who brags about having an orgasm every day, or even how many times a day.

In addition, these figures likely confirm another American study, according to which one week of intercourse is enough for the sexual benefit of both men and women. Yes, gentlemen, only one and only one report per week!

Once again, keep in mind that sex shouldn’t just be viewed as a race for performance. Consider this: Is it better to make love once a week and cum every time or have sex every day and only experience orgasm 1 in 3 times? Everyone probably has their own opinion on this matter.

Let’s end by remembering that beyond penetration, sex life can be considered in many ways, from masturbation to fellatio, including caresses and other friction … Various lewd acts everything can make you (so happy!

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