Comédie Love puts humor in the service of inclusivity

[Cet article a été initialement publié sur “Cheek Magazine”] With Comédie Love, comedians Mahaut Lou, Lucie Carbone and Tahnee, L’autre tries to move along the stand-up lines, a universe often criticized for lack of representation. Meet a collective that promotes inclusiveness through laughter.

What if humor was the real bulwark against the lack of inclusiveness in our societies? According to the three protagonists of Comédie Love – Mahaut Lou, Lucie Carbone and Tahnee, L’autre – there is no doubt about it. For nearly a year, these three young Paris artists put on occasional scenes in the capital, bringing together comedians from all walks of life, where the climate of goodness , tolerance and commitment reign.

A real snub of sexism that female comedians often face. “In Comédie Love, kindness and commitment prevail. I don’t know if we always do things perfectly, but we try to maintain a good environment. We want to favor comedians who have things to say ”, explained Mahaut Lou. And Lucie Carbone continues: “The political aspect, I think it comes a little bit in the background. Above all, we want to do a collective project where we feel good.”

A scene in itself

The happy trio met in 2018 through Tahnee, at the time one of the organizers of the queer open scene Self-Ish. In the course of their discussions and their questions about the atmosphere of some scenes – very masculine and sometimes even exclusive – the three friends realized the need to create their own space: a safe scene- well, where the world has everything it needs. its place. “We complain about the bad atmosphere that can get on the stages, like sexism”said Mahaut Lou. “I have a lot of anecdotes. They called me Julie instead of Lucie. With the boys, there’s this fraternal side behind the scenes. And if you’re the only girl and even more so if you’re a goudou, you’re never comfortable ”added Lucie Carbone.

“To avoid that, we had the idea of ​​doing a really friendly stand-up, and bringing in associations (in Comédie Love, part of the proceeds are donated to another association every night, the editor’s note). what we want most of all is to put love at the center of everything ”added Tahnee, all smiling

“I know that speech is the essential vector for conveying ideas” – Mahaut Lou

This spirit runs through each of their individual performances – Drama Queen (Mahaut Lou), Badaboum (Lucie Carbone) and In the end! (Tahnee, L’autre) which is currently scheduled in Paris until January 2020. “Let me like the vibe of my girl, I’m not in the mood to hit my head”Tahnee’s tone at the end of his show in front of a covered audience.

“I know that speaking is the key tool of expressing ideas. And I think that’s the case for all of us. We’re all three equally made stand-up and I think it’s important to speak those topic issue ”, highlighted by Mahaut Lou. Today, the three actresses have managed to attract a new audience: “What I found cool about Comédie Love was that in this bubble of goodness, we were able to bring back people who weren’t very familiar with stand-up, or even weren’t interested in the beginning, and who ended up completely -apil “Tahnee explained.

A new generation of comedians

Like them, many writers have come out of the shadows and tried, with well -crafted sketches, to express a well -crafted discourse. Laurent Sciamma and her point of view as a feminist man in the post #MeToo era, Noémie Delattre and her didactic approach to activism or even Jo Güstin and her sensitivity to intersectional issues are all comedians changing the stand-up genre. .

“I comforted myself by telling myself that there is a new generation of comedians who make things happen, like Roman Frayssinet or Marina Rollman. These are people I have never heard of making sexist. or homophobic comedies. This kind of comedians inspires me (…) “Actually, I find it cool that artists can also have a committed voice. This is what touches me the most.”Tahnee’s conclusion.

This article originally appeared in Cheek Magazine

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