Cécile (Married at first sight) talks about her relationship with her daughter Anissa before The Villa of Broken Hearts!

They are the star participant in the fifth season of Married at first sight ! Cecile, divorce from Alain, her regular husband on the show, and Anissa recently returned to television on The Villa of Broken Hearts. The mother and daughter, both heartbroken, relied on the help of love-coach Lucie Mariotti to find a healthier relationship. For Tele-LeisureCécile confessed to her somewhat “harmful” relationship with her 20-year-old daughter!

It would damage our relationship

Télé-Loisirs: Why you decided to join The Villa of Broken Hearts ?

At first, I was a little worried about getting involved in reality TV. But being together, with my daughter, was even more reassuring for both of them. Plus, I was just told good things about this show. And then, Anissa and I really had a problem.

Can you explain your problem in a few words?

We are very fusional. It was something that really bothered me. I still suffer the consequences of his adolescence. I was looking for answers to my questions, and Lucie was the right person. Our relationship is very strong, destructive. What we experience every day is a bit violent and disturbing. This is a serious problem that we are experiencing. I want Anissa to understand the words coming from the outsider.

Do you understand this adventure?

I always work on instinct. There, he told me not to go. I was afraid to make a mistake and make Anissa suffer the consequences. He’s been featured a lot Married at first sight, unexpectedly. And then I changed my mind and the future proved I was right.

Anissa threatened the men

The program is also a romance show, do you want to find love?

The main reason I came was above all to find a solution to my problem. As for love, I was afraid it would happen in front of my daughter. I can’t be a “girl” if I have my daughter.

Could his presence be a brake on a potential suitor?

Let’s say my son sees me as a mother and not as a woman. I have always forbidden myself to have a feminine side. No man would come back to me and he didn’t know me. There, I was afraid to meet someone and my daughter was next. I find it uncomfortable.

On stage, you show that you always go out with your daughter … How is it these times?

If we go out, we will definitely get along. We have a relationship with friends, problem too. After all, you should know that our friends are already in their thirties. If I had the misfortune to organize a party with our friends, Anissa threatened the boys, telling them not to come to her mother. It’s a bit disturbing because I’m also their friend. But hey, this side is also protective.

I came back energized

Your son, he looks like his girlfriend’s story, did you validate it?

(She laughs). Melvin is someone who always channels Anissa and gives her a lot of love every day. They were both a bit crazy, because they were young, but I really liked him. The main thing is that my daughter is happy.

In what state of mind you left The villa ?

I came back inspired again from this adventure. It was a trigger after my huge moral decline. And then, it’s also in my professional, social and love life. And for my relationship with my daughter, you’ll see later! (She laughs.)

Do you have any other upcoming television projects?

I have a lot of TV proposals that don’t happen. I want to be the first. I want to perform my job. I’m in real estate, it’s my passion. I have to shine through that and other concrete things, and not necessarily for television. If I get involved there, it’s for the experience and for solving the real problem.

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