Bella Hadid arrives at Metaverse and launches her own NFTs

Naturally, Bella Hadid | excited about the aesthetic possibilities of creating art from one’s own image. He submitted himself to a 3D scan that artists could use to create NFTs. “There were probably 200 cameras around me, I was standing in the middle and changing shape so you could get all the different parts of my body, different versions of my facial expression, my fingers, my fingers. on foot. It has to be as realistic as possible., ”he explained. But beyond the NFTs aspect, he designed this new platform for community purposes. Even if some details are not yet clear, the purchase one of the NFTs from Bella Hadid | give you access to online and real life dating above. “We’re going to set up different events. I hope Tokyo is one of our first launch spaces. It’s basically airdrop: If you’re in Tokyo having coffee and suddenly I’m next. to you, you get a notification, “he said.” It’s all about finally going to the places I love to see the people who support me and hug them. “

Bella Hadid is highly sought after on the Internet

Bella Hadid | knows a thing or two about getting the attention of online audiences. This gold has already been proven on the World Wide Web. During her recent appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, she caused a fashion tidal wave on social media after teaming up with the stylist. Law Roach to wear a unique and unique selection of archival clothing, including pieces from Chanelin time Gucci on Tom Fordor even a dress Versace vintage black dress from 1987 with an epic voluminous bow around the waist. “Who is someone who can give me enough self-confidence to help me achieve my dream and carry out his archive orbs? For me, this is the Law. [Roach]. She and I have a very similar view of fashion. I told him I wanted it to be a classic festival -style look, ”he said.Donatella very kind to open all archives in Gianni, which has never happened before, I am very honored. He had a specific idea in his head of what he wanted for me. ”

As far as it is concerned CY-B3LLA, Bella Hadid | understands that there is a logical distrust of the celebrity-NFT-industry complex. “Doubt comes from those who do it just to get rich,” he said. “For me, it’s more than that. I want it to be a collective. It’s not a one-stop shop, it’s a real love. I want it to be used as a vector of communication, of respect and love. “

An alternative to toxic social networks

Bella Hadid |, who spoke about her struggle with anxiety in the past, believes that these unexplored metaverse spaces have the potential to be healthier and happier than the online world we live in today. “instagram and Twitterit’s over for me, I can no longer look at the announcements, ”he said.“ Once you start knowing what everyone is thinking of you, you start to lose track of what you need and what you like. These horrible worries that we all have, I feel like that’s what’s floating around on the internet. ” CY-B3LLA-ites has a dedicated Discord chat app group, and she already plans to drop by a few times a week to chat with friends and fans in a healthy environment of people who same mind. As the metaverse grows into its own space, he hopes to find more ways for people to live there, gather there, exchange ideas and feel at home. “There’s an intimidating part of the internet, but there’s also a beautiful part of the internet, and that’s the capacity for people to find a space where they belong.”

A new virtual community

All in all, he knows how strange it is to talk about NFTs and metaverses for people who have yet to buy into this evolving world, but he is willing to indulge in it, one NFT at a time. “It’s a great way to build community. I don’t know if I feel like a community leader, it’s not just about connecting with people, it’s about connecting people with others,” he said. “I just want to be a mediator.”

Translated by Sophie Brindel

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