Zelda Breath of the Wild: would you like to play the New Game +? This is possible with this glitch!

news tips Zelda Breath of the Wild: would you like to play the New Game +? This is possible with this glitch!

Attention all Breath of the Wild players: a unique glitch has been discovered. Fans of New Game + will be happy, because you are allowed to transfer your inventory from one save to another, without going through Memory Storage! We explained how to proceed.


  • The king of glitches
  • Set up the glitch
  • Move items to another backup
  • It’s easy to duplicate a lot of things

The king of glitches

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is as wide as its detail, allowing each player to enjoy a different gaming experience, no matter how many times you play it. Such a complete world would not exist without its part bugs, glitches, and other quirks, but it seems like the community sees this kind of thing pretty positively, because it leads to an impressive number of benefits. Recently, we informed you of another glitch that allowed players override Link’s inability to swim and freely explore the sea floor.

Although nice, this bug is likely to be easily removed from the throne by the new discovery: an inventory glitch that allows items to be moved from one game to another, including Expert Mode. Breath of the Wild’s Expert Mode is available with the Trials of the Sword DLC, which allows you to play two games in parallel: one game in Normal Mode, and one in Expert Mode. In this game mode, enemies are stronger, smarter, and can change their hit points if you stop attacking them.. You may even find a silver Lynel early in the game, which can make things worse. But if you follow our guide on how to move your inventory from one game to another, you can make it a short job!

Set up the glitch

First of all, know that it is possible to transfer your inventory from one game to another before now through an exploit called Memory Storagebut it takes a real titanic work, like play the whole game without dying or surviving – among others. Fortunately, thanks for discovering this new glitch, the days of Memory Storage are over!

To set up this new glitch, you need to first overload console RAM. You should at least 5 multiarrow arrows (you get the rest by beating Lynel) and electric arrows. Start by aiming and loading the arrows to the top then, while still pressing the target, go to the inventory to throw the bow and equip another. Repeat the maneuver until the Link not visible on the menu.

It’s done, you need it now hold 4 items (ingredients for example) by making sure there is leftovers at least one in each of your inventory. Pick up the arrows you dropped, and sell all the things you hold to a dealer so that the slots become empty. Then go back to inventory to keep fifth thing (different from what you are selling) and throw it away.

When you remove it, the slots where the items you are selling are bugted and contain copy the last 4 items in your inventoryie the last 4 Special items that you collect (Monstrous Saddle, Teleportation Amulet, etc.), until the game closes completely.

Move items to another backup

Once the 4 slots are bugged, go to the main menu. Getting started a new feature (regardless of difficulty level) and collect Sheikah tablet. When done, you will find the copied items in your inventory. To use it properly, just save and restart the game. If you skip this step, it may not work.

But as you might expect, this capability doesn’t stop there. This is because the entire first part of the glitch of creating buggy inventory slots can be repeated multiple times, creating 4 more buggy slots at a time.. When you have more bug slots than special items, the game will start copying items from other inventory categories. So you can copy equipment and even weapons – like for example the Legendary Sword.. The game follows the following cycle order by categories:

  • fOOD
  • Materials
  • Clothes
  • Shields
  • Arrows
  • Weapons

So if you empty your food stock and store only the elements that interest you most in your person, you can move them to a new save in the same way. Note that in order to have access to these copied items, it is required save and restart the game.

This glitch is included the arch of light if you have it, but haven’t opened it yet, make your locations heavy include the last box in the Arcs category. When done, advance to the final battle to get the desired weapon, and go to the main menu of start and new game.

It’s easy to duplicate a lot of things

With the addition of being able to transfer items from one save to another, this advantage also allows you to duplicate items as much as you want.. To do this, set up the glitch using a bow, electric arrow, and grab and sell items. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to include the item you want to duplicate. It can be anything, even Spirit Orbs, Korok Nuts, and Ancient Hearts.

When the desired number of slots has been reached, instead of going to the main menu, just load your game. If you look at your inventory, you can see the items you duplicated there, including stacks or piles of objects. For example, if you have a set of 20 pieces of woodyou will find a copy of this group in your inventory, and you must drop one and take it up so that it may lay on top of the other, rather than taking up more space in your inventory.

Also note that you can repeat the operation without having to start setting up the glitch again. Just save and load your game, and your stuff will be duplicated again. Note that you will recover less than the first time since some pitches will be occupied by the things you copied the first time.

If you want to see this glitch in action beyond the screenshots provided Game updatedwe invite you to watch their explanatory video below:

And you, have you ever tried copying things in Breath of the Wild? Are you thinking of trying this new trick? Tell us all in the comments!

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