Zara is very fast attacking and revealing this noble new jeans, which will be damaging this summer!

Very stylish high waisted jeans

Now we discuss the following model: the Z1975 High Rise Mini Flare. These high-waisted jeans accentuate your waist and your legs, which they hug, before further avoiding the bumps. It also stops at this level, enough to allow your buttocks to look summery. With its five pockets, this one is a model of elegance. If it’s classic, these jeans accentuate your body.

Best of all, these get points thanks to their sale price: only 25 euros 95. The quality / price ratio is undeniable. So it’s time to hurry up to buy these jeans that everyone can use. With heels like sneakers, a simple white t-shirt is like a more elaborate shirt. For a casual or even chic look, these jeans are made for you.

Zara knows how to hit

The brand knows how to win consumers by offering products at attractive prices. But in terms of communication and collaboration, the Spanish brand has been hit hard. Speaking of which, it’s hard not to mention the work Charlotte Gainsbourg did with Zara. The latter fell in love with that and agreed to partner with Zara to launch her own collection. A collection she likes to be simple, because she doesn’t like to spend time in her dressing room:

I like the fact that I don’t think much about my clothes. In the morning, I don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes on it. I have children who are between 10 and 24 years old, and it is very important to me that they are there. That’s how I want to live and that should explain why I don’t wear heels or skirts. It doesn’t match my daily life. This collection, however, is perfect. These are the pieces I usually wear today.

So it makes sense that he turned to such that for him it was a timeless piece that all women should have in their dressing room: “ I know I’m not the only one who likes that, but I’m really trying to find the right pair. I really have an eye for detail. Of course, my mother bought me jeans, OshKosh and so on, when it was fashionable in the 70s. But I am always looking for the best pair of jeans. I was always looking for him“.

So Charlotte Gainsbourg decided to make several pieces inspired by what she could find in her dressing room: black bra, tank top, sweatshirt, short-sleeved t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, denim shirt. and a denim jacket. ” I don’t wear more or less every day“.

Cheap parts

If he agreed to work with Zara, it was mainly because he knew he could reach the most consumers. Why? Simply because the prices offered are cheaper than other ready-to-wear brands. :

A priori, if you make something of such a brand, it’s so that it works and reaches as many people as possible. What I appreciate about Zara is that things have gone right despite their accessibility. However, I am only offering a selfish silhouette inspired by me and the things I love about myself! I imagine the right pretty loose T-shirt that looks small, the perfect coat, and I even design boots because that’s exactly what I wear every day.“.

The fact remains that controversies are much concerned with the Spanish brand, and what is called fast-fashion in general. The working conditions of overseas employees are always preferred, especially since some creatures are from China, a country known for its labor camps where Uyghurs live., this persecuted community. The ecological hazard represented by fast fashion is also highlighted, if it does not reduce the brand’s incredible turnover.

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