the great difficulties of their premature child

If you are fans of the entertainment show Love is in the pasture, you have to remember these two lovers: Didier and Stéphanie. Granted, their involvement started a few years ago, but they were so touching and exciting that no one forgot them. One thing is for sure, they immediately hit it off and obviously their meeting. Six years later, the couple even expanded the family with a little boy named Esteban. Stéphanie wants to share her daily life as a mother, which is not always easy due to the difficulties of her child being born prematurely. We explain why.

Stephanie and Didier (Love is in the pasture) indulge their 6-year-old unborn son

This Sunday, June 19, 2022, we learn more about the former couple Love is in the pasture. It was farmer Didier and his suitor Stéphanie, who fell in love with each other in season 8 of 2013. Stéphanie trusted all her sincerity in her account. instagram for the first time about the difficulties of his son, Stephen.

A premature birth with lifelong consequences

In addition to her message, Stéphanie also posted a photo of her little one smiling while snacking. He tells legend that he was born prematurely. In fact, he came into the world after 7 months and weighed only 980 grams. ” He fought to survive and even had heart surgery 1.5 months after heart disease.“, Explains the candidate of Love is in the pasture.

Thankfully, even though the start was complicated, Esteban was in good health. However, we cannot underestimate a premature birth that will have an impact on the future, especially in “ its growth and development, but also at the school level“. For example, he had to go back to his big section of kindergarten, because he “ cannot go to CP“. in love with Love is in the pasture succeeded in having a mutualized AVS, i.e. an educational assistant for the afternoons. However, that is not enough for a small child.

The problem of children with different needs

For the next school year, the education and medical center (pediatrician, speech therapist and psychomotrician) recommended that Esteban be enrolled in the Ulys class and have an individual AVS. rhythm. MDPH denied for Estéban this tool on the pretext that Estéban had a shared AVS. We completely do not understand. Esteban needs this AVS all day and is able to progress at his own pace because the school is asking him to put in a lot of effort and the wheel is very fast. Unfortunately Esteban is not alone in this case“, Continued Stephanie.

The message of this former candidate to Love is in the pasture has greatly affected its subscribers. In fact, they are unaware of the couple’s problems with their child. Therefore, the latter was deeply moved to hear from them. Supporting comments didn’t last long.

In case you didn’t know, the lover just got married on April 16th. See photo below of the municipality. We convey to them our congratulations on their unity and we hope that they will find a comfortable solution for Esteban so that he can continue his education without much worry.

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