Mattia De Sciglio talks about her relationship with Massimiliano Allegri and talks about the problems she has overcome |

During an interview for Cronache di spogliatoio, Mattia De Sciglio is back in her relationship with Massimiliano Allegri. The two men know each other very well and the coach really likes his profile. He also talked about other things like the beautiful game and the criticisms he received that hurt him a lot. See some of his statements in this article.

His relationship with Massimiliano Allegri:

“I’m not his godson. Amoa is one of the most iconic manager-player relationships in recent years, but he never favors me. Of course, what really is a special bond is born between us. He started me, he saw me fall, he saw me get up.I believe Allegri, like all people who want to analyze me for what I am, always understood that I wanted to show a real child man. Simple, respectful, helpful. Our relationship of trust, which is often reprimanded, has created mutual trust. He asked me a lot, and I was one of his most killed because he loved me and knew my qualities. “

“He worked a lot on group and individual communication. He made fun of me, and now a question and answer came up. We had fun. He likes to give nicknames to all the players, and if he wants me to be proud -on that he was impressed. called me “Eat and sleep. Yes, it says I train, eat and sleep. “

Her physical problems:

“No one was preparing you for the pit. I started having physical issues that conditioned me, spending a year and a half with reduced and bad playing time. Came back, and after two games I quit again. With no continuation, I struggle to maintain a certain level of performance. “

Criticisms received:

“Criticism started in the press and the fans. They hurt me, they hurt me. I didn’t expect them, but that’s not the point. Anger makes me bad. From heaven to hell. I’m Angry. For me. , respect should be the basis of life, I accept to be told that I am not playing well, not forward.A distorted image is created, and even when I play positive games, an excuse to attack to me it shows. If there is a half error, it is violently corrected.I myself ask: “Why?”

His mental coach who helped him:

“He told me I was almost in depression, a state where no one noticed they were going. I learned to work my head through a long journey that allowed me to understand who I was. How many level it up because I deserve it.You’re also looking for luck.Things happen for a reason.The determination to achieve the goals I set for myself as a child brings me where I am. I have a dedicated time each day to work with the spirit. When we first met, I was kind of eye -popping. “

The nice football game:

“A lot of people put beautiful football in their eyes, look at Pep Guardiola and point the finger. In my opinion, Pep is something of himself, unique in his ideas and his way of organizing on the team, to invent roles for certain elements.People get into their heads that all great players have to play well.I don’t want to defend Allegri, that’s mine think, but it’s a contradiction.In Italy, we tend to look at the result, but then we’ll talk about the good game.And usually the two don’t go together.Every game is a story, sometimes you’re better off play, because your opponent allows it, other times you don’t.

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