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Politics is often a symbolic activity. On the left, we have long played on the singularity of sensitivities, histories and political cultures to justify the lack of agreement. On the right, one is usually more skilled. It has always been able to build majorities to govern. It was invented by Emmanuel Macron at the same time. One at a time that only lasted… for a while. And we’re still looking for clues to a left-wing policy on the five-year term that just ended.


New elections, new political deals

There was a time when social democracy dominated the left of the few leftist comrades, the communists.

There was a time when RPR right dominated UDF centers. Half a century of power relations remain virtually unchanged. Today, we are witnessing the revenge of exes. The left to the left, which became the People’s Union, crushed social democracy, became small, and the UDF, which more or less became the Ensemble – the presidential majority coalition – which succeeded in getting its hands on the right, began. of LRs to find a political line. A wise right I said …

Wise … but as I said, politics is symbolism. And power relations. Republicans want to distinguish themselves from the presidential majority but the political situation forces them to ask themselves questions. To position yourself. And to clarify their political line. Already under the last five -year term, they have voted for nearly half of the texts proposed in La République en Marche. And now, while Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne – who submitted her resignation to the presidency but refused it – are looking for an additional force to gain a majority and governance, it is for Republicans and UDI that she should naturally moliso.

So I played seven different games for you. My search is good and aside from political postures, I don’t see any standard that prevents the large family from the right and the center to unite. The cards covering the president’s majority programs from Republicans are little different. Approval of public spending cuts; agreed to reform retirement: to bring it to 65 years and to combine hardship criteria. The only difference is the minimum amount of pension. 130 € separates the two offers. Adherence to economic growth targets; I also agree with nuclear, starting with the same observation that energy transfer does not happen to harm economic growth. Agree on security objectives: more police, tell us the two political families. They even agree to the TV fee they want to get rid of.

At this point, the LRs ’only argument to justify a disagreement with Macron is that he won’t do what he says he will do. Pretty short as an argument. How much more angry with his voters that so many are already involved in the macronie ranks. LRs are therefore condemned for taking on their responsibilities. But the quinquennium remains the quinquennium. Five years is short. And LRs can be seen far, far away from immediate concerns. They were already thinking of 2027. Jean-François Copé had a solution: he suggested that Les Républicains build a majority with Emmanuel Macron in three or four years. And in the fourth year, a year before the presidential election, they will see an argument to leave the government. The tactic is a bit risky. Another option emerged: the LRs overplayed the opposition and they could over-play it to the extent that it was the Wauquiez line, more national identity, a line of unity of right and more right. , even the most right, who can win. From the RPR to the UMP, Republicans are now even more playing on their unity, even their survival.

Pierre Jacques

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