Is it easy to drain the phone battery? The trick is to make it last 3 times longer

By regularly using your smartphone, you may find that the battery is exhausted. However, it is possible to save it and thus have plenty of time to browse the web, chat or even play games.

Every year, brands develop phone models with more powerful battery performance. However, no matter what this device is, the battery can easily be flattened during an important smartphone activity. Some habits will allow you to make it last up to 3 times longer.

Smartphones are now an important part of our daily lives. Even if it sends an e-mail or make a videoconference call, these activities require a large amount of energy which can cause our phone to turn off faster. Fortunately, you can conserve your battery by taking the right steps. Even if your phone is an Android or an iPhone, you can increase the time to operate it using good manners.

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Low battery – Source: spm

If your Android phone runs out quickly, small actions can help you fix this situation and save you some valuable hours of battery life.

  • Use power saving mode if you have low battery power. You can activate it manually or if the fee level is less than 20%.
  • Activating the dark theme uses less light, and is therefore faster.
  • Changing screen settings such as brightness or timeout can make a difference. Android’s adaptive setting will save your battery.
  • If your battery exceeds the critical thresholdbe sure to turn off the volume and turn the keyboard vibration back on.
  • Uninstall power-intensive apps. This is the case with instant messaging programs or games.
  • Disable tethering and Wi-Fi when not needed.
  • Reduce the time spent using high-speed applications such as games and cameras.
  • Disable Bluetooth connection and background geolocation.
  • Disabling automatic sync with Google and other apps will reduce your power consumption.
  • Using a 2G or 4G cellular connection can save you minutes of battery life.
  • Disable all settings that no longer serve you.
  • Use airplane mode if you don’t want to receive or call.
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Android phones – Source: spm

If Apple is your cell phone, the precautions to be taken to reduce battery consumption are different than on a phone running Android. And for good reason, the operating system of this phone is IOS. To save energy, it is recommended that:

  • Turn off iCloud sync
  • Disable visual effects such as motion and transparency
  • Disable launching Siri or the Google voice assistant
  • Disable 3D Touch
  • Activate “Data savings”
  • Turn off physical activity tracking
  • Disable power-hungry background apps
  • Disable 3D Touch
  • Disable Game Center

You can disable apps on your phone as you like to save your battery

If all the previous advice is good, it is recommended that each user adopt it according to their needs. If you want to work, for example, leave geolocation active and disable the Siri voice assistant. Thus, you can save precious battery minutes especially if your smartphone is in danger of being turned off. There are other tips on optimizing your phone’s energy.


Apple phone – Source: spm

One thing’s for sure: if your battery runs out quickly, it could mean you’ve activated options you don’t need. By deactivating it, you can optimize the power of your smartphone by using it according to your current need.

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