In Alsace, the rectorate organized a dating job to recruit German teachers

Remember the end of May. Many rectorates organize the recruitment of teachers in the form of job dating. This has caused a great deal of controversy. Well, this is also the case today in Alsace. A work date, ”Do you speak German? organized all -day Wednesday in Strasbourg and Mulhouse in national education to try to find German teachers in colleges and high schools in Alsace. After the 15-minute interview, you may find yourself becoming a German teacher and in a position to teach the bilingual section.

A method believed by the rector of the Academy of Strasbourg. Olivier Faron believes it is necessary in some cases changes in recruiting to successfully reduce the shortage of German language teaching. “In my mandate as rector, I was just coming to the job to find some German language teachers because there was a very complicated situation to ensure the bilingual dimension of the Strasbourg academy. These work dates can also arouse desires, vocations. If we don’t take somewhat distracting, different initiatives, these vocations, we won’t allow this to happen. This is our ambition. And I will never compromise on quality. My responsibility is to put in front of young people who have all the qualities to be teachers who will respond to the mission they will have. reasoning to the rector. Who promises that staff will be trained properly before they find themselves in front of a class.

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Managing my choices

The unions were very angry

FSU very angry at this dating job. In a press release, the Haut-Rhin branch of the teachers’ union protested: “Instead of addressing the real causes of the recruitment crisis, the government has preferred to recruit contractual staff who are vulnerable and untrained! Quality of education provided, this situation can burden the staff who are recruit“appealed to FSU, citing the” rapid “selection of candidates. The union also said it was opposed to the extension of the German-French bilingual system in Alsace, due to the lack of sufficient staff.

Replacement problems too

But the shortage of teachers did not apply to the Germans ONLY. In some schools, students several weeks without seeing a teacher due to lack of substitutes. Like the Paul Eluard nursery school in Wasselonne where Camille, Marie Schmidt’s daughter, educates the large section of kindergarten, there are no lessons this year for 12 weeks, due to a lack of a substitute teacher. . “We really felt abandoned. Our children’s education and the right to education are being held hostage. ” said this mother.

On the rector’s side we recognize that the problem of replacement is a real topic. Rector Olivier Faron asked Covid to disrupt everyone. But he promised actively working on the case lack of replacements. “We are working in depth to expand the pool of replacements. In making these situations we are the first to regret the extraordinary. We are working very hard to have shorter response times the next school year so that parents do not face the loss of teachers.“he said.

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