Couple Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron: their love story in photos from 1992 to now, Wow

The age difference and the ridicule did not stop their love. Clearly Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron are a solid couple. We told you their love story.

First meeting and love at first sight

When she was 39, Brigitte Trogneux was a married woman and mother of three children. He was a teacher at La Providence high school, on the Somme, in Amiens. He taught theater and literature there. In the 1992-1993 school year, he met a boy named Emmanuel Macron.

The latter had just begun his high school years. The first time their eyes met, Emmanuel fell in love with his teacher. This is a real thunderbolt for the young Macron. And she told it to her parents almost indifferently. The latter believes, without a doubt, that it is only the love of a child with no future.

However, the rumors spread very quickly at the school and spread throughout the town. Then we heard rumors everywhere saying that the young high school student was in a relationship with his teacher. As a result, Brigitte, wanting to preserve her career and her reputation, left Providence high school to work at another establishment. As for Emmanuel, he moved to the capital to pass his baccalaureate and there continue his studies.

A distance that unites them

Their feelings for each other remain intact, despite the distance that separates them. Brigitte Trogneux ended up filing for divorce in 2006. Emmanuel, as a good opportunist, wasted no time in making his marriage proposal. A request aimed at dealing with the ridicule of their adventure and their age difference. She wants to reveal their love story to everyone.

A few months later, in 2007, they celebrated their union. They were married 15 years after their first meeting at Providence high school. And to this day, they are still husband and wife and seem to experience great happiness. Their 20 -year gap will not affect them in any way. So are the rumors about their union. It completely ignores them.

Brigitte’s insurance

The Macron couple showed great connection. They spend a lot of time laughing. The opportunities they share are rich in every way. During an interview with FranceInfo in 2020, Emmanuel Macron’s wife said she was “very lucky” to have married him.

“I’ve been insuring it every day for over 20 years. Emmanuel is a strong man, more confident and more kind, ”he said.

Emmanuel married Brigitte when she already had three children with her ex -husband. The presidential couple has no children. Emmanuel considered his wife’s children to be his own children. He is now the grandfather of seven grandchildren.

A tight couple

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, despite their age difference, live like a normal couple. And it’s not just at the level of married life, but also in politics. Brigitte, though cautious, has been a strong support for her husband since his political debut in 2012.

At the time, Emmanuel Macron held the position of deputy secretary general of the Élysée. It was under the leadership of François Hollande. Two years later, he became Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital. And during these times, Brigitte is always there to advise her husband.

When Emmanuel Macron ran for the next François Hollande, Brigitte came out of the shadows. But she said she didn’t think she was a First Lady. Thus he told FranceInfo that the spouse of the head of state does not have to impose himself on the people. Here is what he said about it:

“If you are the wife of the head of state, people do not like you. So do not force yourself on them.»

Brigitte, an honest woman

During her husband’s first term, Brigitte, who was not involved in politics, offered him help. In 2019, he took over as head of the Foundation for hospitals. And in 2020, he will replace the head of OPJ (Operation Pieces Yellow). She was a woman of strong commitment to others. Now that her husband has been re-elected, Brigitte remains faithful to her positions. She said the future with her husband would not worry her.

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