VERTU: The alliance of luxury and confidentiality

The VERTU brand began its journey in 2000 and has revolutionized the concept of “luxury” in the mobile phone industry ever since. After selling more than 500,000 phones worldwide, they launched their new phone model that can only be accessed by purchasing NFT.

The new VERTU collection

In today’s world, luxury can be summed up in the VERTU slogan “Privacy is the new luxury“.

The new VERTU Constellation X Ulm ™ phone model is the first in a series of phones and connected devices to launch in the next 24 months that will offer the most experienced people complete privacy and security communication, while allowing them to enjoy all the advantages of the connected world without compromise.

This is the first collection of phones to be launched by VERTU Paris ™ following the global structuring of the VERTU ™ group of companies. VERTU continues to embody French elegance and art de vivre, tradition, heritage and European craftsmanship.


In line with VERTU’s time, vision and philosophy of always leading the technology and providing an optimistic experience for discerning clients, this Constellation X-Ulm collection is only available on the blockchain, by purchasing a NFT.

In its uncompromising quest for privacy and security for smartphones, wrapped in luxury, elegance and high performance, VERTU has partnered with world leader CommuniTake, to make this masterpiece, the VERTU Constellation X Ulm ™ 22nd Anniversary – Limited Edition.

CommuniTake ™ is not only an innovator, but also a leader in privacy, security and encrypted communications. The VERTU Constellation X Ulm ™ 22nd Anniversary-Limited Edition will be available in limited quantities of only 10,555 units in total, and is only available by purchasing a VERTU NFT (VCXP). Thus, VERTU combines the luxury of the new world of the cryptosphere, Web 3.0 and the total privacy offered by the blockchain.


The VERTU VCXP NFT is a utility NFT. This NFT offers the holder the opportunity to burn their NFT in exchange for the VERTU Constellation X Ulm 22nd Anniversary – Limited Edition phone with VERTU Secure OS (or Android OS variant).

The number of phones is limited to a maximum of 10,555. Holders can also continue their NFT, with the offer reduced when a holder redeems their phone and burns the NFT. If the NFT burns out, it will get the phone + an NFT verification / certificate.

VERTU’s 22nd anniversary celebrations can have some pleasant surprises, for those who redeem their NFT for a VERTU phone and for those who keep digital assets.

To celebrate VERTU’s 22nd anniversary and to produce the next generation of phones, VERTU and BINANCE have teamed up to celebrate the final marriage between cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the world of Web 3.0 and the new mobile phone. “Privacy is the new Luxury“, the safest and most luxurious in the world.

VIRTUE and BINANCE: Marriage of Leaders

2. The NFT Service

The phone’s original NFT will not only confirm the authenticity of this timeless VERTU 22nd Anniversary Limited Edition model, the true VERTU legacy, but will also enable the holder, via a second NFT, to be sent by airdrop access to a variety of VERTU services, including the popular VERTU Concierge service ™.

The NFT Service will entitle the holder to access the VERTU Concierge service ™ for 3 years free of charge for basic services, available via the ruby ​​red button on each real phone, or accessible via the Vertu Concierge app, which is available on all smartphones.

In case of purchase, sale or exchange, NFT will in fact guarantee the protection of the owners against prohibited counterfeits of low quality.

Upon purchase, sale or exchange, the NFT Service guarantees access to the renowned Vertu Concierge, as well as VertuCare+, the Secure Service Pack and other benefits.

Another NFT to be delivered by airdrop and its details are described below.

The rewards

All holders will receive one NFT each airdrop says “Reward Sphere”. Of the 10,555 Reward Spheres, 1 of 79 Reward Spheres will randomly receive $ 20,000, $ 50,000, or $ 100,000 in BNB. Three Bentley Bentaygas could also be won by 3 lucky NFT VCXP holders, and one Bentley Bentayga whose winner will be joined by viewers on the live broadcast of the VERTU 22nd anniversary celebration.

The CLUB V3.0

Every VXCP NFT owner has access to exclusive business and lifestyle activities that bring together the most influential and successful celebrities, as well as people with high value VERTU Heritage 300,000+ owners and new members of the VERTU3.0 Club. Former members of the Vertu Hall of Famers (Hi Elon!) Include numerous Hollywood celebrities, members of the Royal Family, His Excellency and His Highness, as well as presidents and chairwomen, CEOs of the world’s largest companies, and other influencers and trend setters. .

The first event scheduled for September 22 in Paris is VERTU’s 22nd anniversary celebration: with all 10,555 NFTs being made, details of the 22nd anniversary celebration will be revealed.

Naturally, VERTU 3.0 Club members are eligible to attend and participate in person.

Road map


  • Constellation X ULM phone making process
  • Collaborate on the most secure mobile OS (Communitake)
  • Start with colleagues
  • Artistic and graphic development
  • Meet the current community of 300,000 UHNWI VERTUs


  • Launch the VERTU Verse teaser page
  • Create dedicated social media channels that serve the Web 3.0 community
  • Announcing the first association
  • The VERTU Verse website is launched
  • World’s First Luxury Cell Phone – NFT Sale – NFT Award – Airdropmore


  • Club VERTU 3.0 first meeting in Paris during Fashion Week live event with influencers.
  • Grand Prize draw worth $ 1,000,000 New
  • Notice the partnership


  • Choose the community between doing business on the phone or storing their VXCP NFTs as digital assets (end of September 2022).
  • Announcement of new events (physical and digital)
  • Announcement of new partnership (metaverse)


  • Delivering phones to VERTU customers (February 2023)


  • Launch an immersive luxury experience
  • Introduction to new VERTU Web 3.0 products

Fun Facts:

  • The concierge’s first request was a bouquet of flowers for a Singapore client.
  • From 2002 to 2020, VERTU continued to advance technology and engineering by patenting or implementing more efficient, valuable or revolutionary materials.

During all these years, VERTU has partnered with most luxury homes such as Ferrari, Bentley or Boucheron, pushing the limits of mobile phones and jewelry.

  • The most expensive VERTU device was the Boucheron 1: 1 limited edition which sold for over a million dollars.
  • 2022-VERTU celebrates its 22nd anniversary and is ready to once again destroy the mobile industry with bold and visionary options.

VERTU has revolutionized the way luxury brands reach the marketplace and guided more than 300,000 one-stop-shop customers to join Web3 and its community. For more information on the Vertu Constellation X Ulm ™ model, visit the official VERTU website and their white paper.

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