pictures of 8 new potential farmers were revealed

The program “L’amour est dans le pré” will also help solo farmers in Quebec. Recently, the production revealed pictures of the candidates who may be attending this eleventh season. Six men and two women were presented. Everyone hopes to find love through the show. But only five of them will take part in the adventure. That is, lovers can now go to the channel that broadcasts the program to try to attract one of the farmers.

Without further ado, we present to you eight potential candidates for the next season of “Love is in the grass” Quebec’s version.

Potential candidates for “Love is in the meadow” season 11 in Quebec

Here is a brief presentation of the candidates.


Enthusiastic in the world of riders, this 24-year-old young woman is a competitor. He welcomed many horses to his farm and raised cattle there. Elisabeth is looking for a man to be with on all her adventures. She wanted him to have charisma and nurture the hope of building a family, just like her.

Anne Sophie

This is the second potential candidate for this eleventh season of “Love is in the meadow”. He is also 24 years old. Growing up on the family farm, this young farmer raised cattle. Committed to her community and passionate about her work, Anne-Sophie has been single for over two years. The man of his dreams: a man simple and manually driven by a real joie de vivre. If he finds the right one, he wants to start a family and share everything with him.


William is 38 years old. She is a dairy farmer who describes herself as sensitive and straightforward. Dynamic and enthusiastic, this farmer loves to look to the future. Having been single for several years, he wanted to meet a woman with whom he could develop a beautiful bond. He imagined his understanding and diligence as he was. Guillaume is ready to start a family, but he won’t make it a goal at all costs.


Nicolas, 42, did not grow up in an agricultural environment. It only took a few years to develop it there. Determined and diligent, he built his own stable. Elected mayor of his municipality a year ago, he wanted to share his life with an enthusiastic and independent man. In fact, Nicolas wants to start a relationship with someone who is financially independent. Among the hobbies he would like to share with his partner: hunting, traveling and fishing.

Love is in the pasture: Marc-Antoine

The eleventh edition of “L’amour est dans pré” in Quebec will probably welcome a young 27-year-old farmer who has been involved in the family farm since childhood. Marc-Antoine is preparing to take over the dairy farm, but wants to stay close to his family. Careful, sensitive and cheerful, this young farmer loves children. Single for three years, he wanted to meet an honest, simple and loyal woman.


Two years later, Olivier replaced the family farm, focusing its activity on making milk. Before starting, he preferred to finish his studies in agricultural management. At 20, this dynamic young man is a good player. He especially enjoyed running and hockey. Her last romantic relationship ended a year ago. Today, he is looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic woman with whom he can live a peaceful and lasting relationship.


Tommy took over the family farm passed down from generation to generation. Last year, the dairy farm caught fire. With his family, so they had to start from the left. So they have more modern facilities built. Optimistic, athletic and enthusiastic about traveling, this 25-year-old young man is looking for a happy woman with whom he can develop a beautiful bond. She also wants to start a family.

Love is in the pasture: Robert

At age 27, Robert worked with his parents on the family’s dairy farm. Sociable, resourceful and curious of all, this farmer is passionate about hockey. After five years of celibacy, she wants to invest in a truly lasting relationship. He would happily allow himself to be attracted to an extrovert woman. She wants him to be with his family.

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