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Album “I don’t know if it’s okay” by Marie Flore.

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While she may get to join Clara Luciani or Angèle peloton on her previous album ROBBERYthe Parisian singer sees her take-off as hampered by the health context. I don’t know if it’s okayrecord relaunch, fits here between pop brilliance and contemplative melancholy, amorous variations and biting irony.

RFI Music: the tour of ROBBERY cut in the middle of the flight. How did you experience this?
Marie-Flora : I was still in denial form for a year. Like a refusal to watch this record not have the life I predicted. I put the blinders on, hoping things went well. Which, as far as we know, did not happen. I had no choice but to go back to writing another record.

Do you still remember the very good reception of the previous album?
Let’s say that on the one hand there is the satisfaction of a warm welcome and on the other hand the intense disappointment of not being able to defend it up to the height of my hopes. It’s never very pleasant to watch. I don’t hide that living psychologically is a bit complicated.

how they things on are they completion organized ?
The songs on this disc came in a short time. I went back to the stage where I would have been two years ago, i.e. at Printemps de Bourges (on April 23, editor’s note) and before the release of the disc. It’s kind of a later fix and a possibility to try new songs.

Was the transition to the French language, after two folk records in English, really approved?
I still write in English for side projects or specific requests. I find myself writing so much in French that it is impossible for me to go back now. English is clear at first, a mood and an extension of my musical culture. The trigger came after a bit of a mess. I was already listening to one of my new songs in English. He stopped in the middle and said to me: “Why don’t you do a French song instead?”. I was so upset that I went home and did this piece in French, Palm trees on winterwhich was on the EP before ROBBERY. Actually, this song was a joke and reaction to this suggestion hurt me.

the words STAY strong beating, and very little raw that on ROBBERY. A LIGHT renewal on gear ratio ?
ROBBERY about a visceral and poisonous love story. I don’t have all of this anymore and I want to be in a sincere way every time. I wasn’t too sad and abused. So it shows in this record. A little less raw, less urban, and gaining depth. A blessing in disguise, ingnon ta.

the seesaw repeated Between theIand theyouon YOUR writing, is it some kind of mechanism?
I always write for someone, for something, to try to get a message across. Writing for me is a bit like my right to respond. Sometimes in life, there are times when you don’t have the repartee you want to have right now. The songs allow me to chase, to speak. So it’s “you”, because there are a lot of things that aren’t happening to me right now and that will happen five minutes later, it’s too late. It’s an exclusive relationship and a constant address to another.

“I don’t know if it’s okay”, mood of the moment?
All my life (laughs). It’s also and above all a little snub of this almost permanent mandate of positivism, of “happiness”. These are, at the same time, talks that I want to integrate and make me very tired. There is something wrong for people who don’t know where they are changing. I had moments of deep joy and intense sadness, but, between these two states, I didn’t ask myself the question “how am I?”.

You express an almost exclusive feeling of love in your songs. The only machine?
My diesel, my favorite theme, really. I am not the first or the last. The feeling of love offers huge and limitless possibilities. In that sense, that’s what interests me the most: examining the souls of others and mine. If you listen to Leonard Cohen, for example, you have the impression that he has 1000 lives.

What is it love with five zeros ?
A very rich man (laughs). More seriously, it is solar love, which is fully compliant and unquestioning. As for Loto, it doesn’t happen every day.

If we listen to you on Bad startwe have a feeling that it all ended badly …
We need to be clear on the idea of ​​the end of love. It goes, it comes, sometimes it lasts a long time. Basically, this is my song that I like to be optimistic in the sense that there is an important dimension when you go through separations: you almost always get up and one story follows another.

Marie-Flora I don’t know if it’s okay (6 and 7) 2022

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