Laval Alouettes favored the Bengals 3 against 2

Super Bowl LVI will take place this Sunday, Feb. 13 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. For the occasion, the Mail Laval asked five Laval footballers of Montreal Alouettes to go with their predictions, in addition to their reaction after announcing the new retiree, star quarterback Tom Brady.

The Laval quintet expects a strong duel, but the Ohio team has a small advantage due to the skill of quarterback Joe Burrow.

Here is the full account of their selections:

Which team will win the Super Bowl and who will be the Most Valuable Player (MVP)?

Brian Harelimana (linebacker): 28-17 for the Rams and Aaron Donald.

Frederic Plesius (linebacker): 28 to 24 for the Bengals and Joe Burrow.

Junior Luke (offensive line): 29-13 for the Rams and Aaron Donald.

Pierre-Luc Caron (specialist in high discounts): 28 to 24 for the Bengals and Joe Burrow.

Regis Cibasu (center-back): 24-17 for the Bengals and Joe Burrow.

Why this choice?

Brian Harelimana: “I hate Rams. I’m a big 49ers fan and I still have a loss in my heart, but the Bengals offensive line doesn’t hold up against the Rams defensive line. Joe Burrow and Ja’Maar Chase are the only ones hoping to lead the Bengals to success.

Frederic Plesius: “Burrow’s leadership and calm can make a difference. Odell Beckham Jr. deserves a ring, but Matthew Stafford risks making some significant mistakes.”

Junior Luke: “I love the Bengals’ offense. They play with confidence. Joe Burrow is back from serious injury, but he bounced back this year by participating in the Super Bowl. Ja’Marr Chase has to keep going at the same speed and do the same way he does all the regular time to help Burrow.

“The Rams have Super Bowl experience, Junior Luke continues. Von Miller is a champion and Aaron Donald will never accept defeat again. It is a challenge for Bengal’s offensive line to stop these two. pass rushers copies. Cooper Kupp could be seen as the player. He was much of a target for Matthew Stafford playing in his first Super Bowl career. He’s not lost and has to have fun. ”

Pierre-Luc Caron: “I’ve loved the chemistry between Joe Burrow and Ja’Maar Chase since college. I think Burrow had a good game. He came to the Super Bowl with rookie” naivety “and I don’t think that’s the extent the game will attract him.

“Their offensive line has a lot of difficulty against Aaron Donald and Von Miller, continued Pierre-Luc Caron. However, I believe the Rams’ offense can’t be done to its full potential. Matthew Stafford has a tough one. game and it is impossible for them to succeed in the ground game.

Regis Cibasu: “The line of defense on both teams is dominant, as are the secondary ones. On offense, I have more confidence in the passing game and the running of the Bengals compared to the Rams.

Tom Brady announced his retirement earlier this week. What do the Alouettes, considered by many to be the best football players in history, represent for Laval residents?

Brian Harelimana: “For me, Tom Brady is the best of all time. It was the standard of importance and the end of a season where he dominated the quarterback position.

Frederic Plesius: “Tom Brady has been my favorite player since he came on the pitch and replaced Drew Bledsoe. He’s a trailblazer for the NFL. His way of managing the game on crucial moments is really compelling. He defends the ball with pride. , has charisma and an unconditional love for the game. He really is the best player in NFL history. “

Junior Luke: “Tom Brady is still healthy, who knows if he won’t be back in a year? His impact on the NFL is undeniable. He is a 1000% future Hall of Famer. It’s time for other players to replace him. I hope he is the best, happy retirement Tom!

Pierre-Luc Caron: “For me, Tom Brady represents excellence. I wasn’t really a fan of him when he was still with the Patriots [de la Nouvelle-Angleterre], but I’ve come to love him since he was in Tampa Bay. It was amazing to see a 44-year-old athlete perform at such a high level in the best football league in the world. I consider myself lucky to have seen him play in person, because we’ll be hearing about it for a long time!

Regis Cibasu: “In all honesty, I had a hard time liking the Patriots and always seeing them win the Finals when I was a kid. Eventually, I was really tired of seeing Tom Brady win the Super Bowls. Anyway, it had to be i have to accept that he has a career that every football player aspires to.Wonderful what he did, i took my hat off him!

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