INTERVIEW. Here it all begins: Sabine Perraud confesses

During the Monte Carlo 2022 television festival, melty’s editorial staff had the opportunity to meet the cast of Here It All Begins. The moment we interview Sabine Perraud alias Constance Teyssier on the series.

from Friday, June 17, 2022the 61st edition from Monte Carlo Television Festival began. The opportunity for many fans to meet the actors of their favorite series. Better life, Tomorrow is ours, Here it all begins and so on. Speaking of these soap operas, it is known dear meltynauts that the editorial staff will have the opportunity to interview Sabine Perraud, the actress who plays Constance Teyssier, the nurse at the Auguste Armand Institute at Here it all started. At the heart of the final intrigue Deceptions, the young woman agreed to answer our questions without jargon. The way he got his role, the evolution of his character, his relationship with other actors … In short, Sabine Perraud confesses never before!

You’re Playing Here it all started over two years ago. How did you join the series?

Sabine Perraud alias Constance Teyssier of Here it all begins: Like I think 90% of the cast, by cast. I don’t know the casting director. I was offered an audition for Clotilde’s role at first, which I found very interesting. And then no response and imprisonment so at least three months left. Then they called me back so I could pass the casting for another character which, I believe was Rebecca Behamour’s mother so Célia so Alice Gaissac. There was no answer because it took time and then one day they called me and said: ‘Sabine you got for here it all started for Constance’. But I was like, ‘Wait, who’s this?’ And she said to me: ‘She’s a nurse, she’s Teyssier’s wife. She has two 20-year-old children.

Were you immediately attracted to the role of Constante?

Sabine Perraud: I really like Constance’s role because she is a confident mother, a woman who always lives up to her name, a straight woman of family balance, who gives wonder to this colorful family. .

You play the role of Constance Teyssier, the pillar of the Teyssier family. How is your relationship with Benjamin Baroche, Khaled Alouach and Pola Petrenko?

Sabine Perraud: We love each other. We are a family! Khaled and Pola called us mom and dad, we called them kids and we had a new kid Thomas Da Costa who was going to take Axel so we were really family. We try more or less once a month to have dinner at ITC. We love each other so much!

You’re one of the characters in the series who doesn’t cook. Is this something you like to do in stages?

Sabine Perraud: I would have loved it! What makes me bitter is that I am the only one in this family to cook in real life. When they came to eat, I was at home and I was cooking and none of them knew how to cook an egg. And honestly, I’m the only one who doesn’t cook in series or sometimes quickly. Then I get revenge on the dishes if I get a chance to enjoy them in the series ’scenes, I get revenge by eating! (laughs)

Constance had just experienced a real life crisis. What do you think is the reason for this big question?

Sabine Perraud: I think this is the classic crisis that happens to a lot of women, which can also happen to men, of course, 20 years of life spent, with studies involved in a career that is involved in all lines. and the difficulty of finding space. for ourselves in these moments because we are in a kind of tall tunnel where, we are raising the kids, we are working to get a home to live in and suddenly, the kids are grown up. They leave the house, they are less available and in fact, you feel alone, you face yourself and all of a sudden, the questions with questions come back to reason. Pretty much like adolescence. And there, it turns out that Constance has a husband who is very busy with her career and she just wants to breathe, to ask herself what her true desires are now that she has time to do it.

She wants to be an osteopath. Is this a scheme you can’t wait to explore?

Sabine Perraud: Since he hasn’t finished his training, so far, we haven’t filmed a scene where he practices osteopathy but I want to learn and it makes me laugh that there are scenes where I maneuver, where I maneuver. crack people.

A risk that we won’t see much of your character because of this new job? Can it be integrated with the Institute?

Sabine Perraud: I think it can be integrated! And yet, Constance is still a part-time nurse at the Institute, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t see her.

His questioning also resulted in a friendship with Landiras. Do you think Constance has real feelings for him?

Sabine Perraud: I think Constance loves Zacharie a lot because they have known each other for a long time and she is the one she trusts. Instead, he will be her confidant. But I think he was seduced and he said it more, he was very clear about it. Even when she was gone, she was captivated by his interest in her and his tenderness for her. Afterwards, we felt that she still loved her husband and she expressed it many times. I think his love was so sincere after the feelings, he didn’t say he loved her, that seemed very clear to me.

Did he really turn the page in their story?

Sabine Perraud: Abi nako. She really saw her husband’s flame so in my view it was over. Unfortunately, I want us to continue a friendship because we love to play with Julien (Editor’s note: Zacharie’s interpreter) but that for me is a bit impossible and a bit unwelcome.

With Emmanuel Teyssier’s burning anger, can we expect more contradictions in their relationship?

Sabine Perraud: No, I think we have a lot of nice things. After all, the difference is that Constance has really gained some kind of power and she no longer allows herself to be forced. She never allowed herself to be forced, but here, in fact, she has as much authority as her husband, so we can still do a little bit of fighting because she won’t let go.

Recently, Constance has become closer to Clothilde. Will their friendship continue?

Sabine Perraud: I like it a lot! I love playing Elsa (Editor’s note: Elsa Lunghini embodies Clothilde in Here it all begins), she’s a really nice actress. He was also very funny. Well, he can’t stand it because he’s so funny so it’s complicated to play him because I laugh a lot too. But there, I like even more boyfriend scenes, with younger girls. How many times have we told Elsa and Vanessa that we like to do scenes together, it’s kind of funny. Laughter of adults what! That would be great!

Which actors are already part of the series do you want to answer?

Sabine Perraud: There are artists I barely know. Funny, I have acquaintances in real life but have been on the show since the beginning, there are people I have barely played with. For example, I think Azize, I had to do a scene with her, Catherine Davydzenka, I did the same maybe half a scene with her. There are a lot of people I haven’t worked with before and I’m interested in playing with them and discovering them.

What scene is the hardest for you to shoot?

Sabine Perraud: Not just one, but often, these are very emotional scenes. I think especially when Constance found out that her husband drank cocaine, she knew a lot of things and very serious files about him and he fired her. Somewhat violent, we encouraged each other, we didn’t say well. It’s very hard to play. And there, we’re on the same thing but over and over again. There, Constance has more power over her, it’s who comes to her a little to embarrass me and who isn’t asked and I stand up for her. After the hard to play are also the pretty sensual scenes. Because Benjamin and I have been playing for two years and we know how to give five kisses. And there, we found ourselves playing a lot of scenes that were a bit carnal (laughs) and we weren’t comfortable.

One last word for meltynauts?

Sabine Perraud: Let’s see because we’ve been waiting well and we’re supposed to be there for the third year.

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