Fall Guys Free: Release date, Nintendo Switch, economy model – We took stock

Game News Fall Guys Free: Release date, Nintendo Switch, economy model – We took stock

The Mediatonic studio recently talked about “big news” – that is, we weren’t disappointed! Their battle royale Fall Guys will be free in addition to coming on other consoles (including the Nintendo Switch). A first-rate revival for this chubby, colorful online game? If you are interested in the topic, here is everything you need to know about the free version of the game.

Find above, in auto-play, a trailer of the events of the new Fall Guys Season.

What is the release date for the Fall Guys free version?

We start with the most important information: the free version of Fall Guys will be released on June 21 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch. The battle royale from Mediatonic studio therefore took the opportunity to move on to the next generation PlayStation but above all to reach the Microsoft and Nintendo consoles for the first time. For the PC version, note that it will no longer be possible to get Fall Guys on Steam from this date (no problem to report if you have a copy of this platform). It will now head to the Epic Games Store to enjoy it on a computer. Note that the game has also become cross-platform | cross-development. In other words, you can now play with users on any platform and continue your progress from machine to machine. Very practical on a Nintendo Switch.

What will the Xbox, PS5, Switch versions bring?

With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, Fall Guys will of course undergo some improvements. Even if we don’t have all the details at the moment, the official site the game is about a “unique version” on the PlayStation 5s with “reduced load times and other performance improvements” (could be better for resolution and framerate). Even if the Sony console is very clearly mentioned, the Xbox Series will definitely be the subject of similar treatment in the coming months. As for the Nintendo Switch, we’ll wait for the June 21 release to see what it is. But since Fall Guys isn’t the most selfish title in the world – despite its chubby characters – the title has to hold tight.

What are the changes for those who have purchased the game?

But that’s a good question! On the Fall Guys site, we read that “PlayStation and Steam players-who already own a copy of the game-will continue to receive all the usual updates (new seasons, new patches , new features) “. The icing on the cake: it is both players will benefit from a Legacy Pack, with a “nickname, a nameplate, the Regalian / Vegan hot dog / Bellicose Dwarf costume as well as a Season Pass for Season 1”. For newcomers, of course it should start at the bottom of the stairs, as part of a new era called “Free for All”. However, if you want to take advantage of the Legacy Pack, you can buy Fall Guys now and launch it before June 21. Hurry, it’s almost there!

We just mentioned this, Fall Guys ’arrival of free-to-play is first of all similar to Season Pass, which is described as“ an enhanced version of the free progression system already available in the game “and that” allows you to get more costumes and other bonuses, in addition to normal progress “. If the Season Pass Season 1 is offered with the Legacy Pack for players who already own Fall Guys, others will have to purchase it through new premium currency in the title, the Emissous. It can be purchased from the in-game store. Also on the official website, Mediatonic has determined that there are “100 levels” to be unlocked at the launch of the Season Pass with the possibility of “unlocking” the next Season Pass when the current one is over!

For other changes, we know that Crowns will no longer be used only as a level of honor and no longer as a currency in exchange to buy things. As for Kudos, they will continue their monetary function however as part of a “selection” of things (which we think is smaller than the Season Pass). So far, it is not yet known where as far as it is possible to get the wacky costumes in the game using this currency. Regarding the final details, note that Crowns pocketed before June 21 will be Kudos to 2000 Kudos per Crown. And that it is no longer possible to buy Kudos with real money. For more information, we look forward to the release of Fall Guys Free.

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