An enhanced FPS drawing cards! Discovering Neon White

Game News An enhanced FPS drawing cards! Discovering Neon White

In the world of independent games, two publishers are racing ahead: Devolver, the crazy side of the Force; and Annapurna, which is unique with more “arty” creatures. But sometimes the lines blur, and one like the other steps out to offer a new original title. This is the case with Neon White, published by Annapurna. Let’s go to the new Wanted!

“Wanted”, your new indie column on JV:

Straight from the borders of the West, Wanted is your new column about indie games. But not just anything! Those that are quirky and fun, for example, mix two concepts that are not very similar. We play it a bit and we give you our impressions. Come on, let’s run!

White Neon

We tell you in the last Wanted: indies have become masters of the art of mixing elements of the game without anything in common – at least in appearance – to bring shocking experiences to life. Frankenstein creatures who are sometimes lame but sometimes walk in the fire of God! This is the case with Neon White, a title created by the creator of Donut County mixing FPS action with card game and visual novel. Why can’t it stand up? Do not move from your chair, sofa, WC. We immediately proved the opposite.

UNO in paradise

Let’s start with the most important. On the sidelines of many of its originals, Neon White has above all a genius idea: The player’s weapons and actions are conditioned by the cards. Eh yes! Basically, at the start of each game, you can just move forward, jump, attack with melee. Then you will see a yellow card, decorated with a gun. You have two options: take out the surrounding demons until you run out of valuable power; or “discard” the card in question – or lose it for good – to use its second ability. In this case, it’s a second jump. Some cards follow the same logic: violet, which gives you an automatic weapon, allows you to launch an explosive bomb. While blue, adorned with a beautiful semi-automatic, is used to speed forward and cross the enemy. The ranks are many.

Yes, it’s nice to cavort a belote, but what’s the point? To be more concrete, the Neon White game is expressed above all thanks to its design level. Here it is a series of very short levels – 20 to 40 seconds to start the adventure – where you have to kill all the demons and jump in abundance to reach the exit portal. But beware, the latter will only open when all creatures are removed. And if you’re not fast, you don’t need to rank to unlock the next areas. Did you see the thing? Of course, Neon White needs to be alert, reactive, knowing what card to use and when. A real learning process takes place: each level has to be captured, memorized to put in the most time. Note that there will be as many tests as needed.

100 ball bets

Suddenly, Neon White became addictive – exciting, reminiscent of the fevers caused by a Miami Hotline. Simply, you only want one thing: start the level again until you reach the records. The Annapurna game also inspires this. After completing a certain mark, in each level, you will find your ghost to improve your route, unlock signs of the best trajectory to follow and consult a world table at the best times. . The game has a total of a hundred areas, so there is so much to do! The icing on the cake, Neon White offers an offbeat and well-realized universe (monster killers in search of paradise redemption) at the heart of a completely visual novel aspect. If this is the game that brings you back, it’s possible to speed up dialogues with little to no restraint. In short, in the world of Angels and Gods, there is something for everyone. One of the strengths of Neon White.

An enhanced FPS drawing cards!  Discovering Neon White

Dead or alive?

(Running time: 1h30)

So, should we look for Neon White? After an hour and a half of the full version, it was a big yes! If you’re looking for an original and dynamic action game, look no further! It’s both addictive, well thought out and well-crafted, even in a whole visual novel aspect that’s worth a look but can also be completely dismissed (you never know, if you don’t have this thing). You’re not guaranteed the rest of the trip, but the atmosphere is more than positive.

  • Neon White is now available on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch for € 21.99.

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