woman rescues ten dogs locked in van, including one stolen months ago

Unot ten dogs found in a van full of sun, Tuesday, June 14, in Coutances (Manche). A young woman working at the site reported suspicious beetles from the car, Tendance Ouest reported. Only one window is slightly open, a real oven for the animals in this time of high heat.

The alert was sent to the police and published on social networks to try to locate the owner of the car. “I called the police. But the owner of the van came and ran away, ” handed the young woman over to our companions. After the driver was found the next day, the animals were cared for and brought to the shelter.

A complaint may be filed with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for animal abuse.

Shean, stolen seven months ago

Among the dogs, little York will see its owner again. On November 11, 2021, Shean was robbed by Coutances. “

is in poor condition, locked in a transport cage in a van… with him are 8 other small dogs Yorks, Pekingese, Shih Tzu and children of which Shean is the father ”, wrote on the Facebook alert page.

Coutances refuge explained the situation via its Facebook page: “Be alert for 48 hours for small dogs in the crates of a car, as well as a large dog, and because of the heat now, the situation is worrying and urgent. Packed for some of this transport boxes, with their filth and with this unbearable heat, it is unthinkable to leave them in their miserable fate, for the drama is not far off.Thank you for the dedication of a good soul and his relentless , he and the municipal police were able to get the dogs out of the car and we were able to take care of them.There were a total of 10 dogs inside, 9 little cuties and 1 big grandfather (no still big enough)… Safe and well, we are now taking care of them in the shelter. »

The shelter also explains that dogs live in these conditions for several days, and not forever. “We chose not to reveal the private life of the owner of the dogs, because his personal situation relates only to him, and nothing else.»

What to do if you see an animal alone in a car?

Here is what the Ministry of the Interior recommends

-First try to warn the owner.

-If you can’t find it, call the local police or gendarmerie immediately. In fact, article 20 of the law of January 6, 1999 allows you, when the animal trapped in a vehicle is in danger, to open the car parked in direct sunlightin the presence of a gendarme or a policeman.

– If you feel the situation is urgent and you can’t wait for help, you can make the decision to break a window to help the animal in distress. This is recommended surround yourself with at least two witnesses who can prove in good faith if an action by the car owner is later taken.

This decision is even harder to make, because the owner may file a complaint for damage to property owned by others. However, if it is clear that the life of the animal trapped in the car is threatened (unconsciousness, animal snoring, black colored tongue, abnormal irritability, etc.). the law protects you (Articles 122-7 of the Penal Code). This article specifies that “A person is not criminally liable who, facing a current or impending danger that threatens himself, others or property, commits an act necessary to protect the person or property”.

After evacuating an animal locked in a car

Place the animal in the shade, refresh it with moderate water and, of course, give it to drink, but in small amounts and always with moderate water. A visit to the veterinarian is advised if the dog seems to have recovered.

Whatever your decision, don’t forget to notify law enforcement if you find that the animal locked in a car is in danger.

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