Why is the town of Cannes auctioning off its NFT legacy?

A few weeks ago the town of Cannes announced the sale of the NFT form of its legacy. A priori, we can say that the city is trying to surf this new wave of web3. Looking a little closer, we see a thoughtful and mature project within a city that doesn’t rely solely on summer tourism, its film festivals and a plethora of professional conventions. Talk with Régine Resbeut, Major Project Advisor to the Mayor of Cannes (David Lisnard) and Charles-Henri Puaux, President of Pertimm, the NFT publishing company.

– I am Régine Resbeut, Major Project Advisor to the Mayor of Cannes.
– I am Charles-Henri Puaux, CEO of Pertimm.

RR: Charles-Henri Puaux made a strong proposal to digitize the emblematic sites in Cannes. This idea appealed to us immediately and we started working together to figure out which sites we wanted to choose.

CHP: So from my perspective, I’ve been an adopted resident of Cannes for a year and a half now. And it seems natural and reasonable to include the city I live in around this point of change. And that’s what I meant in previous talks. For me, the metaverse and all the elements, whether it’s crypto or NFTs, for me is what e-commerce and Internet 1.0 and 2.0 bring in the context of communication, within the framework of purchasing and within the framework of art , the interaction between people.

What is the interest of the town of Cannes in turning some monuments into digital objects?

RR: The interest is to promote the cultural, natural and spiritual heritage of Cannes and therefore only to enhance the beauty of the destination. Cannes is a city that thrives on tourism. Tourism is 25% of GDP, it’s 40 to 50% of jobs, it’s 3 million visitors a year. It is important for us, facing competing destinations, to always make the destination more attractive.

And through this digitization of sites, we’ve found an additional way to enhance our heritage, and it’s also a way to strengthen something that is very dear to us, the Cannes community. The Cannes community is not just the locals, it’s also all the visitors who come to Cannes and all the people who love Cannes. And they are many.

CHP: From my point of view, one of the elements that is also important within the framework of collaboration and selection of Cannes. Cannes was the first destination known around the world. I wouldn’t say after Paris or before Paris, but who challenge. So there is a real point of impact.

The second point is that the history of Cannes is actually linked to a topical event, which tomorrow, Le film festival and consequently, all transposition of monuments within the organizational framework of events such as festivals. A festival that can be linked to cinema or so one or a festival that can be linked to a whole host of other elements as the town of Cannes knows how to do it soon in hydrogen, as the IA did recently, and put these events in, in a very hybrid form that, thanks to or because of the pandemic, is growing a lot and the metaverse and the fact that Cannes might fit that, for me, something important.

This week, with the launch of the Cannes Film Festival, there will be the Cannes NFT Festival. Will you go there one way or another?

RR: It’s an initiative of the Cannes Film Festival and its partners alike are happening. It is completely relevant, and complementary to what is done at the Town Hall in Cannes.

CHP: One of the points that is also important is, for example, the initiative taken Fortnite and where this is a first exploit of the NFT collection in Cannes, that is to say the real point where we can show that the way in which the buildings are embedded in the Fortnite framework in the video game. Tomorrow, the holder of Festival Palaceor the Croisette or others may be motivated by this first experience and this first attempt we make in this context. As part of using the Cannes NFT collection.

As for the technical plan, since we need to know if it’s under the hood, what blockchain are you using to develop this project?

CHP: Ethereum.

CHP: Why? Because there is Polygon which is actually not very expensive, and which we have now done a lot of studies. We looked at what was possible. That means we both have a proprietary title that is NFT and above all, we have a 3D model that allows it to be implemented within the framework of metaverses. and pair them is Ethereum. We tested other blockchains. Basically, we have problems with that.

3D representation of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes

One of the points of attack on Ethereum is Proof-of-Work (prior to merging), and its ecological aspect. Aren’t you afraid it’s bad publicity?

RR: On a global level, perhaps to recap, Pertimm is the creator of these NFTs. The position of the town hall in Cannes is that we own the brand sticksin full transparency, we have a license agreement, which allows Pertimm to use the brand, the logo, the image of Cannes.

In the case of this license agreement, really the question of ecology we kind of talked about it. We have two steps that make it possible to pay for it carbon footprint. The first is that Pertimm has done offsetting the project’s carbon footprint twice by planting trees, clearly certified.

And in addition, 10% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the endowment fund of the town of Cannes, which is an endowment fund that supports and funds environmental projects. This is actually an important point that we mentioned above because we have this concern for the carbon footprint, which can be right or wrong, but even then it is true.

Should we ask companies like Air France to produce their carbon?

Charles-Henri Puaux

CHP: That means he’s from a dynamic point of view, he’s a positive energy, which is often impossible. Within the framework of 10%, in fact, there is an ecological principle. We were in for something very local.

Choosing another blockchain can raise this question if necessary. And as we see it now, the more a blockchain grows, the more energy it will consume. In fact, this point means that from the moment we take a turn in Ethereum, I think that in any case we are in an ecological turn. (See with unification), in mining, so from this point of view, I think our initiative is not an imaginary initiative or even an episodic initiative. The real question is “Should we ask companies like Air France to make their carbon?”

Personally, I don’t think we’re there yet but we’ve given them 4 billion. There’s definitely that part that’s important and it’s something where ecology matters. And it’s even more important if it’s local. And the choice we made was to do ultra local, that was to do Cannes.

I’m very clear about that. I think maybe the second or third time we meet at town hall, this is one of the points mentioned. Why? Because we’re lucky, and I mean lucky to thrive in a territory where the situation is unique.

I have never made myself an ambassador like I am for the territory of Cannes! We’re really into something you walk into the Lerins Islands, there’s a real point where ecology can be felt. Which sadly as a former Parisian or Londoner, you don’t.

Don’t you think there is a gap between what you have developed and what 99% of people understand today?

RR: There is great enthusiasm for metaverses, this is the future of the Internet. We believe that doing this project brings people to question, we also do pedagogy, education, because we talk about it. Many wondered, asking us. Ultimately, it creates curiosity in our constituents. In addition, precisely, to get back to education, we organized from April 14 to 16 the first edition of the World AI Cannes Festival, an exhibition dedicated to professionals and the public on artificial intelligence of international scope.

What else? We had a day dedicated to the general public with a presentation on the NFT project that generated a lot of enthusiasm. This is something that is very important for us to educate citizens, about digital inclusion in broad definition and educating people about new technologies. It’s basic and it’s one of our Mayor’s many war horses.

What are the next steps in your roadmap?

CHP: The next step is to give NFT to a public figure during the Cannes Film Festival.

RR: From the world of cinema!

CHP: So it will be the number one NFT because it is the first to be given. Since then, we have almost a month until the time of the sale and so we are entering a phase that is relatively familiar to auction houses and that is unknown in my view. This is the mediation phase of the project and so we will try to spread the project as much as possible beyond borders, especially at the level of the American and Asian borders, so that we can continue to see the Cannes brand as a brand. of innovation and a brand of new technologies. As we can see in France, I haven’t heard many metaverse topics since it was announced.

This proves that it has a first effect. Second, it will definitely allow, if necessary, people to recognize Cannes as a point of digital creation, as an element of the global rally, which is my choice.

And the auction is scheduled for what date?

RR: There is an auction of June 21 at 6 p.m. at the Harbor Master’s Office in Port Canto, and ten NFTs will be sold during this auction.

CHP: It can be, but also online. It is possible to bid online. That’s why I invite you to go to Artcurial’s website the sale collection is called I Met My NFT in Cannes since the origin we took this name because it is the principle of origin and meeting, what Cannes really is, and what exactly. is now the metaverse and hence the sale I Met My NFT In Cannes Of course it will be sold online because now all the auctions are over.

The interview was held on May 16, 2022 at the Town Hall of the city of Cannes.

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