When his triplets were born, Ludovic decided to become a stay -at -home father.

He is different. He enjoyed it, he played it. He doesn’t care. In a society that classifies people into boxes, Ludovic, 47, is unlike any other. He is nothing like the others.

Father of triplets, he decided to stop working to educate them. He asked himself: “Is it worth an article? I have not saved any Jews. “Then replied softly:” I have a message to convey thanks to this page: we should encourage people to follow their path rather than following one that is already established. old to others “.
His approach is unique. With his wife, Céline, his love of youth, his lifelong love (together for 31 years), they first saw the triple: “When the gynecologist saw that they were three, they disappeared he. […] Often, the medical community does not know how to announce the news or how to receive it ”. They are offered to terminate the pregnancy or remove an embryo. They choose to “claim eternity”. Together.

“Heaven in the Sweat”

Six months later, their lives were turned upside down. Forever. In the three months of the term, Nina, Zoé and Léontine were born very early. They each weigh a kilo. They will wait twelve weeks to return to the family home. The beginning of a new life together. Paradise of sweat, sums up “Ludo”. It’s unique but also difficult because it doesn’t stop. No more idea of ​​time, no more day, no more night, no more food. ”

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Initially, the couple spent themselves in it full-time. After a year, Céline returned to work. Two years later, Ludovic, a cycling fan and good cyclist, had the chance of his life on a job offer at a cycle factory in Nivernais. He refused: “Today, I have no regrets. I have to give, there is something to do. I want to be there for my daughters. If we neglect the young, we do not expect to have adults and responsible adults ”.

On average, he didn’t say anything about his life as a stay -at -home father. He simply agreed to admit his weaknesses: “For three years, I did not see anyone. At one point, I didn’t go far in correctional. I was so tired, I lost fifteen pounds.

“He’s a model father”

At home, he struggled. Outside, he suffered ridicule. “At the time, a father who stayed home was severely criticized. I was really hallucinating at the way he was looked at and ridiculed, testified his friend, Vincent. He didn’t care. He didn’t seek to please but it set him apart.

Gigolo for some, “lazy” for others, she treats her daughters with love, kindness, within a well-organized framework. “In my forty years of career, I have rarely seen a father like him in his posture and in his character, testified Aline, a teacher of young children. He was attentive and never forced himself. He will always provide an answer to every problem.The retiree summarizes: “He wants to raise them as high as possible and, in the end, he is a model father.” “I am amazed,” Vincent continued.He tried to give. they have keys so they can fly on their own, always very worried ”.

Now, her daughters are shining. Companions, bright, different. “Very little, they’re not the same as each other in character”, Aline laughed. At first at Auguste-Renoir high school in Limoges, they were set for a good study. “If they were, thank her father and Céline let her be”, argued Aline, who became a family friend. She allowed herself to pray: “It’s hard for boyfriends to come”.

Ludovic knows this: soon, a third life awaits him. If his CV has remained empty since 2005, Castelroussin is rich in other things. That’s worthless. Race, sure. But maybe happier than everyone who ever laughed at him …

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Born in Châteauroux in 1975, Ludovic Finet studied Saint-Denis (DUT in Marketing Techniques) then Limoges (Masters in management and administration) … He began his professional career in Nièvre as a bank employee. Based in Cosne-sur-Loire, she became responsible for the cycle department at a multisport shop before the arrival of her daughters. Due to the lack of a structure to accommodate them, they were born … in Dijon. In 2008, the family moved to Limoges primarily for the work of the mother, Céline.

Testimony of his three daughters, born August 25, 2005

“Being a stay-at-home father was a bold, unusual, unique choice. He may have been criticized for this decision, but he should be proud that he made it. He was a compelling, kind, funny father. , sometimes pessimistic and very attentive, so he can always guess when something is wrong without being told.Environmentally loving, he passes on to us values ​​like respect.He was very present until 9/10 years old mi, he didn’t like that someone else will raise us (smile) .He won’t let go while trying to be as fair as possible.

“When I was little, it was normal for him to raise us. I realized we were lucky in elementary school when our classmates stayed in daycare because their parents worked while, by our side, we had the good fortune of spending time, not just walking back to school. In fact, he wants to see us grow and truly (sic) elevate ourselves. This is reflected in its requirements. […] Even though we saw him more than our mother, he did not try to take his place ”.

“I am proud of him. Staying in the family unit, few people can. Even I don’t know if I can. You need to be able to build yourself around things other than work. He achieved this mainly through sport and cycling. […] We might think it’s strict and difficult, but it’s relative. He also knows how to be flexible. We also have positive feedback on our education. […] We did a lot of four or five. We are together all the time. There are also times for two for each.

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