What is Office 365 Education for Students?

When it comes to making changes to the way students and your staff work, this is a great thing for any situation. Training, developing and testing the changes is very important before implementing the changes for successful services. Considering this fact, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Office 365 Education, to make education easier and faster for students. Office 365 Education is primarily intended to provide students and teachers with everything they need to collaborate, communicate, and support education.

Office 365 Education basically provides school staff, teachers, and students with free email, sites, online document editing and storage, instant messaging, and web conferencing facilities. This is a great option for schools that want to modernize their communications and productivity infrastructure in their terms.


What is Office 365 Education

Microsoft Office 365 Education offers many useful features, from email to a suite of Microsoft Office software versions with different plans, and from online video conferencing to document sharing. With payment for an annual or monthly subscription, users are entitled to multiple plan services of their choice. Office 365 Education is a special version, specially designed for educational institutions, schools and colleges. The release includes scheduling and contact management, chat-based email, video and audio conferencing, and chat using Microsoft Lync, instant messaging, and SharePoint for based on the intranet collaboration. Users can also access the Microsoft Office web application using this software and even update the online versions of OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word Documents, which they can use to view, editing, and creating documents. With the use of SharePoint, users can use Office 365 to create a complete learning environment where they will be allowed to manage projects, share information, post job outlines, projects, and announcements. So, with it, you can get the flexibility and power that your educational institution needs.

Office 365 Education is great for students

Students can enjoy the Office almost anywhere

Office 365 Education provides staff, faculty, and students with all the Office apps they know and optimizes them for their devices, so they can work easily when needed.

  1. Get an Office Faster – It includes a new streaming desktop; thus, users no longer have to wait any longer for Office to install or stop their work in the meantime to receive Office updates. It allows users to install a new Office along with previous versions of Office.
  2. Roaming settings -With this software, all your settings, custom dictionaries, and new documents follow your individual Microsoft account, so customizations and your work travel with you, even if you’re roaming.
  3. Office web applications – Improved Office web apps allow students to edit on multiple devices, right from the browser.

Students remain connected to the learning community

Office 365 Education simplifies the way you work together, using powerful communication tools.

  1. Lots of features Words in HD – Students can work on their assignments anywhere using video conferencing as it includes annotations, note taking and advanced sharing.
  2. Keep people connected – Students can now connect with multiple students using a single contact card that integrates Facebook, SharePoint, and even LinkedIn updates. Students can also start calling, video chat, and instant messaging with just one click.
  3. More private and secure with over 99% SLA time – A wide variety of privacy features are included and no scans, documents or emails are allowed for advertising purposes. Globally redundant data centers, strong disaster recovery skills, and frequent data backup are just a few of the other features of Office 365 Education.

Students can run it whatever they want

Office 365 Education is designed to provide the latest ease for students to manage and manage their tasks and projects in the way that works best for them.

  1. Integrated and advanced admin experience – Students can easily manage Office 365 Education services from any browser, while having advanced Power Shell commands to automatically manage tasks.
  2. Free valuable resources-This reduces the free time and expense associated with managing, deploying, and maintaining servers, giving students more time to focus on their tasks with related to education.
  3. New Apps-It uses a new cloud app model that allows students to create scalable, secure, and flexible cloud apps that also include documents from other students. The advanced enterprise application catalog allows students to manage applications available within their institutions.

You can read more about it at Microsoft.

author: Yogita Aggarwal is an avid blogger from Delhi, India who blogs at DreamTechie.com.

Office 365 Education

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