Strange Dog Performs With Pregnant Wife, Doctor Checks Ultrasound And Calls Police

The dog barked constantly at his mistress’s stomach. Everyone suggested that their pet wanted to send a message. The doctor realized this when he saw the ultrasound but he had to call the police.

It is often said that the dog is man’s best friend and it is not for nothing. He is considered a faithful beast, a species dedicated to their master. Sometimes left with their own devices, subscribed to by their owners, our four-legged friends always show a lot of love to people. You have to believe they are lucky to have them. They protect us every day and constantly warn us of the dangers that await us. Shanna and Ricky already experienced it.

The two lovebirds are about to penetrate the skin of happy parents. They were there on the moon. Welcoming a small creature into their life can be the best blessing in the world. Their families and loved ones in life are happy for them. However, their dog Keola showed some signs of hatred that he envied the child in his mistress’s bosom. However, the reality is different.

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Strange dog behavior

Shanna and Ricky have made perfect love over the years. Despite her partner’s mysterious background, only the young woman was looking at her. The couple plans to start a family. After the formalization of their union, she tried to have a child with her partner, to no avail. As a result, they underwent several medical examinations to find out what was wrong. Fortunately there is nothing abnormal.

Eventually, Ricky’s girlfriend became pregnant. This is great news that has made both lovebirds, their families and loved ones happy … except Keola. The dog actually licked his mistress’s stomach. This, thenstrange behavior. Their pet beeps constantly at Shanna’s baby bump. What aroused the pregnant woman’s concern about her health status and that of her baby.

During her pregnancy, Ricky’s wife decided to take an exam to find out for sure. Like her mother, the doctors assured her that all was well, at least according to the results. However, the dog is always weird. After all, the couple was impatient to meet their son. The sequence of events was the most unexpected.

A foreign body in his stomach

At 23 weeks pregnantShanna was already starting to feel severe back pain. The future father’s first instinct was to take his wife to the emergency room. On the way to the hospital, however, they found themselves stuck in traffic. The couple called an ambulance. They have finally reached their destination. Only, the police were forced to intervene.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor gave Shanna an ultrasound. The end result reveals what went wrong. However, the specialist warned the police before informing the pregnant woman of the situation. He had to have surgery. For his part, the future dad was at the police station.

The reason? Ricky had to identify the suspects. Among the pictures, a face is familiar to him, that of a doctor caring for his wife. In fact, the specialist discovered a medical chip in the pregnant woman’s abdomen. This makes it possible to control drug treatments. But this kind of thing is illegal. Maybe that’s why Keola keeps flirting. Fortunately, the mother and child are in good health. The couple returned home with their little girl named Giulia.

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