Starfield: Games to do while awaiting the SF title at Bethesda

Game News Starfield: Games to do while awaiting the SF title at Bethesda

So, we finally know more about Starfield! The famous RPG made by Bethesda under the direction of Todd Howard will allow the player to shape his ship in his own way and then go into space where he can visit a thousand planets. The goal is to learn more about the mysterious artifacts that unlock the secrets of the universe. “What’s at the end of the road will change people” we heard in the trailer. Starfield should be released in the first half of 2023. In the meantime, here are a few games already released that we advise to do if you like space exploration, with more or less RPG elements.


  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • There is no Heaven in Man
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Elite Dangerous

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

You’d think that on such a topic, we can’t forget the Mass Effect saga. Since it’s impossible to choose just one, let’s talk about the Mass Effect trilogy. It’s an epic SF epic, which insists on incarnating its character thanks to difficult choices to be made using as many links as possible to weave.. The sense of wonder one feels when the galaxy and the species that inhabit it is discovered makes the Bioware series an unforgettable Action-RPG. Mass Effect is a trilogy that is still well -used today, and is especially memorable for the feeling that our Shepard is unlike anything else than its game, which is nonetheless refined from stage to stage. . Starfield seems to be still working on things that are possible to do (build bases, ships, etc.) and look at (a hundred solar systems to explore). The theme of space exploration is also explored in Mass Effect Andromeda, if you want to expand the adventure.

There is no Heaven in Man

Starfield: Games to do while awaiting the SF title at Bethesda

Even if it’s not an RPG, No Man’s Sky has a place on this list as long as what we see from Bethesda’s game seems to borrow mechanics from the title shaped by Hello Games.. There are real robot companions, extraction rays, space combat, or even basic development. However, Starfield will be a 100% single-player game, and should be seen as a Bethesda RPG in space rather than a survival/exploration game like No Man’s Sky. As such, if you want to adventure from planet to planet without ever knowing what you will find, Hello Games software is for you. With its many updates, farming has been simplified to allow players to focus on exploration. Also, it has a weird vibe, aided by a top notch soundtrack. It should be noted that No Man’s Sky has a VR mode to better experience these crazy space epics through the eyes of the hero.

The Outer Worlds

Starfield: Games to do while awaiting the SF title at Bethesda

Let’s be clear from the beginning, Outer Worlds never claimed to have the ambition of a Mass Effect. The player here can only navigate between two main planets, each with multiple locations, as well as a meteorite and a space station. As for the scenario, the hero (which is likely to be completely customized) wakes up from his cryogenic sleep 60 years later. Colonization for the advancement of a better world is a distant memory, now large corporations are vying for power in a few residential months in Halcyon. Outer Worlds places particular emphasis on the diversity of methods of solving quests, as well as moral choices., because the player can consist of a saint or a scoundrel, or even both at the same time if he wants to try the “double agent” method. Offering acolytes with a variety of personalities as well as well-crafted combat, Outer Worlds is a complete experience and delivers what is expected of an Obsidian game in this vein. It would be a good idea to revive it before fighting Starfield.

Elite Dangerous

Starfield: Games to do while awaiting the SF title at Bethesda

If your interest in space exploration games is to navigate space (solo or in a team), find planets, land on them and meet other players, Elite Dangerous is for you. Now, David Braben’s software has evolved with the possibility to visit telluric-type planets thanks to an SVR, and to go through levels in first person viewing. Rifle on the shoulder, the player can actually travel vast expanses or military complexes, to perform missions performed in the manner. Sabotage, murder, exploration, data recovery, harvesting … there is something for everyone. One of the best Space Sims released to date, Elite Dangerous can meet your expectations if you want to roam the entire Milky Way, made here to measure..

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