Culture, education, municipalities under Charasse, the dedicated life of Annick Guyonnet of Puy-Guillaume (Puy-de-Dôme)

A quarter century. This is how Annick Guyonnet summed up her life on the municipal council of Puy-Guillaume, where she came from, like her father who preceded her. If he received from the hands of Bernard Vignaud the City medal in the midst of a pandemic, at the end of his last term in 2020, which he occupied as first assistant, he would live three more. From 1989 to 2008, with Michel Charasse. Municipal councilor, then assistant in charge of school and cultural activities. We don’t give out wallets by chance.

Christiane Hermillon of Courpière (Puy-de-Dôme), lifelong teaching with heart and conviction

School activities, as he holds the position of Principal Education Advisor at the Lycée de Presles in Cusset. There, he will be joined by students such as Tony Bernard, community president of the communes Thiers Dore and Montagne, Éric Gold, senator, or even Frédéric Aguiléra, now mayor of Vichy. “We have seen them on the board of directors, or in the student office. They had the headmaster’s ear, and knew things before the CPEs, ”Annick recalls. Like what…

It was a time less complicated than it is now. I’ve been retired for 15 years, and it’s still good then.

A school inaugurated… without the mayor

Culture, because he created the library in the early 1980s. And then, therefore, he will serve three terms. Where he kept some anecdotes. “With Michel Charasse, it was complicated, but I learned a lot. The last mandate with him, we installed the municipal media library, in the old school that started in 1907, where I went, and I put all the previous mandates. to get a structure that respects himself, because in the past, we only had one room and we couldn’t.I really pressured my colleagues to give Michel and me places, and knew that the old school an empty building. If we have a concrete file, it follows, but we must have arguments. »

He admits to having a few times a headache, but the character, he says, is “a mark of life”. “It’s interesting, and what we saw on TV, we made it live.”

Besides, Annie was the first assistant during her funeral. “I remember the organization,” he said. This was the end of the mandate, in addition to covid, and it took two more months with the mini-return to school in May. We will have it all! The day of the funeral, the logistics of the Republican presidency, was astonishing. Another important moment in his career as mayor was the inauguration of the new elementary school on January 8, 1996.

At 8:30 in the morning, Michel Charasse told me he had to go up to Paris. François Mitterrand died at night… We opened the school without the mayor. So we know what to call school, no problem (laughs)!

“It introduces me to the new generation”

Annick admits she has a lot of work, and she is interested in public affairs. “I didn’t get involved in politics, but I got involved more. I miss the town hall a bit yes, it needs to be in good shape. One night, it stopped, but at my age, I would never start again, ”he smiled, still blinking. “I still look at a lot of things, and I say it when I see things that appeal to me, I keep straight lines, without interfering,” he warns. “It is also the role of the citizens nonetheless.»

Today, he is still a member of the Communal Center for Social Action, reading, gardening and walking. With the City medal in the blue box. “I received it on the night of my last municipal council. I was moved instead to say that that was my last piece of advice. »

In Noirétable (Loire), Patrick Schiltz has electric wire as conductor.

In this medal, the symbol of the city. One anchor, and two axes. “Those of the sailors. “This is where one who wants to be, at the base, a teacher of history, says a little more.” In the beginning, it was Port-Guillaume, in the days of shipping when the city was the port of Dore. »

Pedagogy is not far from Annick, as there is no doubt in all these moments he has experienced within the municipality. “It introduced me to a new generation too, that I wouldn’t have known, I met the parents of the students, the teachers. Everyone knows me a little. »

Alexandre Chazeau

An ancestor of the council. By doing a little genealogy, Annick Guyonnet discovered that one of her ancestors was part of the first town of Puy-Guillaume in 1790. “Within a year, she died,” Annick said. This is Antoine Guyonnet, who is a gamekeeper at the Château de Montpeyroux.

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