Ankama’s (Dofus) new game is not as you might think!

Game News Ankama’s (Dofus) new game is not as you might think!

This is the surprise Ankama prepared for us at the beginning of the week: the creators of the famous MMORPG Dofus are working on a new game, An Additional Gate: A Wakfu Legend. Return to the World of the Twelve to pursue an adventure that seems good in terms of progress. So much so that the title offers even a demo as part of Steam Neo Fest. We played it and we told you about it!


  • Another Wakfu/Dofus game?
  • A Slay the Spire roguelite, really?

Steam Neo Fest

All Steam Neo Fest demos are available from June 13 to 20 (7 pm). So there’s still time to try out some games that will interest you in creating your own joystick / mouse opinion on hand.

Another Wakfu/Dofus game?

Do you miss the World of the Twelve? That’s good because Ankama decided to take us on a journey back to the lands of its main game, Dofus. This time, we included young Oropo who we knew very little about, except that he clearly knew how to fight. Throughout the dungeons, he will definitely use his fists to knock down enemies that are well known to Ankama fans (from Gobball to Arakne). If we knew very little about the history and lore of the game, we could still find some familiar silhouettes, like a businessman Eliatrope or an old Enutrof. You will also see statues representing the Gods of Krosmoz. One More Gate quickly sets the scene and it is not suitable for Ankama fans.

But that doesn’t mean the French studio is bringing in the same soup. In this title, he seeks to get out of his comfortable place and this first requires an atypical artistic direction. Ankama left the fine lines of Dofus to give us a more refined design. It’s not enough to change the genre of the video game or make some jaws drop, but this new style is well done. The bucolic aspect of the game fits into this artistic direction as well as the soundtrack of the game. Whether through fights, villages or small scenes that serve as the background of the dungeons, we are excited to discover this new atmosphere.

Ankama's (Dofus) new game is not as you might think!

In terms of gameplay, Ankama also decided to look at a new genre. Presented as a roguelite-deckbuilder, One More Gate has little to do with Dofus, other than the turn-based combat system. The game works with standard dungeons, each “room” of which offers either a combat or a little rest, and sometimes even some rewards. The choice is sometimes left to you, to get the right path of strategic speaking. If you are planning to reach the end of the dungeon and its eight fights, you should not be in a hurry.

Ankama's (Dofus) new game is not as you might think!

But these fights? How is it As we said, it’s turn-based combat. Your actions are determined by cards that allow you to attack or defend. To use it, you have to tap your Wakfu origin, which fills every turn (before dropping back to the starting point and so on). Each card requires a certain amount of Wakfu and therefore must think about the best strategy (use many small actions, attack with a large blow…). To do this, you also need to consider the actions of your enemies, knowing before they are implemented.

As you understand, there are a few points to consider. But that doesn’t make the game inaccessible. Aside from some interface readability issues, the game is very easy to play. However, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in difficulty. You will do this multiple times before completing a dungeon and doing so will require a lot of strategy and a little luck. Everything seems pretty balanced, despite some side effects (especially the poison) that have proven to be quite strong. However, we are not safe to see some varieties of enemies that are not sensitive to them to balance the game.

Ankama's (Dofus) new game is not as you might think!

A Slay the Spire roguelite, really?

Through its structure, the One More Gate is reminiscent of any roguelite. And yet, it never fits the usual definition of the genre. Of course, in the dungeons you collect special cards and runes that allow you to gain combat advantages and lose if you leave the dungeon. If the first is used like any of your cards, the second gives you some obligations that are triggered during the battle (e.g., recovering life after a perfect). Again, the balancing is very well done. In addition, you can improve said passives or select new ones to stay in your strategy thanks to the resources collected.

Ankama's (Dofus) new game is not as you might think!

And since we’re talking about resources, knowing that unlike a classic roguelite, you store them after you die. So, once you get out of Force Dungeon, you can go to the store to upgrade your deck and come back stronger in battle. It’s also how the game works.Knowledge is not your greatest strength, but endurance and money. Like a good Enutrof, your goal during your first trials is to gather as many claws, experience and shards as possible. You can go to the village to permanently recover your cards, return to battle and so on.

This development system will not disappoint or add to this demo. By rewarding the player more importantly, One More Gate offers us a beautiful structure, combined with an excellent combat system. However, if you’re a fan of very tough roguelikes, the Ankama title can leave you with a bitter taste. For others, the experience is enjoyable and accessible in this short playing time.So Ankama has a game with great potential and a nice gateway to the roguelite-deckbuilder genre, but still needs to prove itself over time, especially in terms of repetition and balance.

As a reminder, One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend is planned for the PC and Nintendo Switch. It has no release date yet.

Ankama's (Dofus) new game is not what you think!

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