Agnès Martin-Lugand’s new novel: love, stronger than anything

Signing this year of her tenth novel in ten years, the talented Agnès Martin-Lugand allowed herself to be carried away by the many emotions that accompany the powerful moments of life-love, death, many inclined, losses that are difficult to recover – in writing There is no reason. This powerful novel, which leaves no one indifferent, sets itself apart, as the time has come to tell the story of Madeleine and Joshua.

A woman at the door of death. Man who no longer wants to live. The story begins to get serious. However, they are there, both, to confess their history, their evils, their sorrows, their demons and especially crazy love. A love that unites, that inspires, that saves as much as possible from destruction and separation.

Agnès Martin-Lugand, in an interview, speaks with emotion in this novel that seeks her, in a profound way.

“When I started thinking about the novel, death immediately flew by. There is a form of evidence. For my tenth novel, I’m talking about death, of a character who is about to die. I talk about death in all my novels, but I have yet to find myself in this state, dying of my character. When I found out that Madeleine was sentenced to death, it seemed like we were both going to die. I lived like that. But at the same time, with this search for peace and truth, when he closed his eyes.

Agnès Martin-Lugand has the opinion that we should not be afraid to talk about death. “Death is part of life. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. You need to be able to deal with your worries. Just try again. “

And then, very quickly, he said to himself that the beauty had to be put to death.

“I wanted to put some beauty into Madeleine and Joshua’s lives, even then. There are no details about his illness: it is necessary to show the beautiful moments he saw, in the last moments of his life, with his daughter and his lifelong lover.

A peace

The intensity of the emotions at the end of life he describes is intense.

“Surprisingly, I was very calm throughout the writing. We always suffer in our writing, but I am completely carried away by Madeleine and Joshua. I am peaceful, peaceful. I didn’t have any panic attacks while writing, because I had to write this novel. It allowed me to write on paper my own worries and my own obsessions about death.

He said that There is no reason is his most personal novel and the one most similar to him.

“Thanks to Madeleine, I’ve written about my worries about what happens when you die, how you experience things, how you say goodbye to loved ones. Death, I think about it very much, and mine think it hasn’t bothered me much since I wrote this novel.

“To be, this is the culmination of the work I have put into all these last years of my writing. Always, I try to set myself new challenges, to always go into the psychology of my characters and focus on that.

He goes on. “I think it’s also a form of maturity and that all my past novels have allowed me to open this way in this novel. To speak my unconscious. Not censoring myself in my writing and to approach , on the one hand, in death, and on the other, in the folly of love.

  • Agnès Martin-Lugand lives in Saint-Malo.
  • He has published numerous bestsellers that have sold over four million copies.
  • We owe him Happy people reading and drinking coffee, In the middle of my hands the joy disappears, Life is easy, don’t worry, I still have this music in mindand so on.
  • He won the Les petits mots des libraires prize in 2021 for The Dacha.


Agnes Martin-Lugand

Despite the tears, the cries, the dramas that ended up separating us, these were the best years of my life, dedicated to love and music. Joshua, thanks to his name, was already in the harem, he made sure I heard him playing, without revealing our connection, before I got recognition. He knew I would reject the privileges his parents had given me. He respected me for this choice. Thanks to him, I became proud, and I finally gave my ego a place. I passed the fire test. I was immediately recognized for my talent, and not for the couple I formed with him. I exist on my own. ”

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