What are the best video games of 2022 (so far)?

We’re in the middle of 2022, and he has some surprises in store for us that are likely to mark us. Recap of the best games released to date.

It’s been 6 months since the year 2022 began – at the fastest pace. After a relatively calm end to 2021, we are starting a new cycle with expected releases. To this there were added video games that we didn’t expect, but played with our cards on the tables and figured out how to go under our hearts.

So here’s a quick look at the video games released in the last 6 months, which rank among the best games to date. Note that this file will be updated with major releases, until the end of the year when we will reveal our final rankings of games in 2022. Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments what you games of the year right now, and which might just steal the top spot in your heart before the end of 2022!

Elden rings

Credits: Bandai Namco

We may go a little further, however Elden rings We believe it to be the game of the year for many players around the world. We’ll even see him win this honorary title at the next Games Awards ceremony at the end of the year. Developed by the studios behind the saga Dark Souls, Elden rings is an open-world RPG that transforms the industry by bringing us epic combat, a mysterious story and a very well-organized evolutionary system.

If it isn’t put in everyone’s hands – complete beginners will have a hard time finding their account – however it is able to penetrate many houses because the promise of a wonderful adventure is so great. And for good reason, narrating this part is thought of by George RR Martin, the great writer behind the saga. Game of Thrones. Elden Ring is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Horizon Forbidden West

What we love is our red haired hunter with a big heart. After an initial opus released in 2017, Aloy returns to Horizon Forbidden West, one of the most anticipated PS5 (and PS4) titles of the year. And right! We found some of our favorite characters, but also a new plot that kept us from start to finish. Not to mention the beauty of the scenery, especially with the latest generation console that allows you to load multiple sets at the speed of light (we’ve exaggerated).

Technically and emotionally, Horizon Forbidden West is sure to be one of the games that will mark our year 2022. If you’re a fan of the first, you’ll definitely love the second. So don’t hesitate to offer it to yourself if you haven’t already. It’s available on PS4 and PS5, and be careful not to make the mistake of paying you the full price for it.

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Credits: Finji

Unbeknownst to many people, Tunic an indie game that gives all the praise on earth. This is an RPG where you play as a little fox, who must explore a mysterious land. You start on the left, and at first have little equipment, but as you face the dangers that come your way, you learn, collect items … and die.

Not only that, you need to start all over again, and do better. Far from punishing as it looks, Tunic a game that will take you from beginning to end because the possibilities are good, and its atmosphere is attractive. It’s a game that has a very calm atmosphere and can be epic at times. It can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC, but will also be available in September on PlayStation consoles.

Nintendo Switch Sports

We can’t fail to mention the return of this video game monument. completion Wii Sports, we are entitled to Nintendo Switch Sports, which marks a major evolution of the game in our childhood. In the program, six different disciplines, including the famous bowling, tennis and chambara, but also football, volleyball and badminton.

If you don’t go up to sweat, we promise you at least long hours of fun with these six games, as well as their variations, and the online mode! So sure, we really appreciate a lot of disciplines, but all the modernization of this legendary franchise as well as the potential of the game makes us say it’s one of the best titles this year. You know it, it only works on the Nintendo Switch.

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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

We ended up with an adventure that caused a stir because the fans of the saga that inspired it were happy. The Skywalker Saga for an action-adventure game that captures the story of three film trilogies Star Wars, but where you alone are the masters of your destiny. Between epic battles, piloting ships or even online mode, everything is allowed in this title.

Plus, you can play as any of the 300 playable characters in nearly 500 missions, and that’s a big deal! If you want to enjoy this game, find out Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on all platforms, namely PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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