“We take care of our social and cultural antibodies: friendship, unity, brotherhood, togetherness, love, masterpiece of poetry, literature, music, painting, cinema”.

Edgar Morin.

After more than two and a half years of almost total cessation of cinematographic activities, the resumption of film festivals gives us hope for a gradual return to normal film life. Following the 23rd edition of the International Festival of African Cinema in Khouribga, the 27th edition of the International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema in Tetouan came to reinforce this hope of an invigorating return to cinema activities. missing for more than two years. But our frustration continues to grow as screenings of the competition’s fiction feature films continue. Instead of reliving the refreshing moments of the film, once again opening our intellectual windows to the fresh Mediterranean air, we were literally struck by some real dark and awful sounds. With a few notable exceptions, we saw images of great negative violence, very dark, even black!

Thus, our hopes of regaining our joy in cinephile were shattered by the dark and horrible vision this new Mediterranean cinema offered us after Covid 19. And instead of satisfying our hopes of a better good life, we emphasize our despair and darken our memory. The Mediterranean, often a sea of ​​clear and beautiful, suddenly became cloudy and dark!


Thus we are well on the antipode of Edgar Morin’s call, “Let us feed our social and cultural antibodies: friendship, unity, brotherhood, fellowship, love, masterpiece of poetry, literature, music, painting , cinema “; and cinema, the most successful means of popular artistic expression in terms of the positive impact of the evolution of the mentality, suddenly changed the course to the negative. Often, even the most critical films express expressions of positive human emotions. But there, we find ourselves facing a completely negative emotional expression, which elevates depression and frustration for the longest time. The world has become, and without request, completely lifeless!

At this rate, our teenagers and young people are very quickly in need of psychic therapies. Already, the long imprisonment suffered, with all the prohibitions imposed by it, left indelible marks in our minds. In addition, television screens are bombarded with endless images of violence and wars, accompanied and fueled, day and night, by speeches of extremely inhuman hatred and intolerance. So, if we add to this an invasion of images transmitted in completely black and white films, how do we end ?!

We really face a big problem: do we have to fight violence and hatred or feed them? The whole question is there.


Even for Scorsese, whose films violence is very prevalent, it’s not a question of portraying violence, he testified, but “the threat of violence”. So it’s a question, aesthetically, to condemn violence and hatred and make people hate it, not to apologize for it. Because it is likely to have harmful psychological and psychic consequences, especially in groups of teenagers and young people.

I think we should avoid making the Mediterranean drip from its bright light and the clear blue of its sea into this dazzling darkness. This new trend towards a completely dark and black aesthetic, with little or no light, barely showing the outlines of the characters ’faces and backgrounds on the sets, is mind-blowing. It is an aesthetic harbinger of a tragic fate of Mankind. Should our cinema nurture hope or promote despair?

It reminds me of Johnny Hallyday’s song “Black is black, there’s no hope”. Other than Johnny, only black he says is in danger of crushing Love. This cinema focuses on the foundations of life, which is its essence. Also, those responsible for programming film festivals are taking on even heavier responsibility in the face of the resurgence of this new trend in black, black and horror cinema.

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