Side course – Sarah Ferguson defends her ex -husband Prince Andrew

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Dropped by all, ridiculed by the press, Prince Andrew can only rely on the unconditional support of his ex -wife, Sarah Ferguson. Each week, Stéphane Bern translates the royal news of a new appointment: Côté Cours.

An outcast of the royal family, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was stripped of any official duties, his predicate of royal dignity and his military privileges following the sexual assault cases involved in the case. of Epstein. She had a bitter experience with this earlier this week when she was banned from the traditional ceremony of the Order of the Garter, the most famous of British chivalry, in which her sister-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was promoted to the rank of Dame of the Order. When he was invited to the investiture of new associates and to lunch, which was held in private, the Duke of York finally did not take part in the colorful public procession, for which he was expected, a few hours later. This exclusion is the fact of his brother, the Prince of Wales and his nephew, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who are both opposed to Andrew’s presence in the parade of prominent personalities dressed in custom. in the order of recognition – a velvet coat closed with a chain and a hat decorated with white ostrich feathers. The father and son have not forgotten that Prince Andrew arrived on March 29, supporting the Queen as she entered Westminster Abbey during a religious ceremony in honor of her husband Prince Philip, who died last year. . This provoked much criticism and greatly angered Prince Charles and William, guarantees the continuation of monarchical institutions.

Dropped by all, ridiculed by the press, Prince Andrew can only rely on the unconditional support of his ex -wife, Sarah Ferguson, who is with him on the same roof as the Royal Lodge, in Windsor’s large park. The ex-Duchess of York said she was trying to unite her family to “honor the Queen’s forgiveness and kindness”, insulting that Prince Andrew was a ‘good and kind man’. Sarah Ferguson, who divorced from the Duke of York but still lived with him while living in the UK, said she was determined to keep a happy family unit for their two daughters and now for their grandchildren. Saying he was ‘very strong’ in his inner belief that Prince Andrew was a good man, he admitted that he ‘put on his hat’ the way Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie faced the new family scandal.

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They were able to share the same roof at the Royal Lodge despite their divorce in 1996.

Speaking to Times Radio in an interview about her new career as a romance novelist, the Duchess was asked about her thoughts on the Queen in her Platinum Jubilee year. “I absolutely adore him more than anyone I’ve met in my entire life,” he told host Mariella Frostrup. “She was more of a mother to me than my own mother. How wonderful she is as a mother, grandmother and great -grandfather and how lucky I am to be able to answer this question from a personal perspective. I think that’s probably one of the main reasons I’m so supportive of keeping the York family together for Her Majesty. Because I am so inspired by her greater power of consistency, perseverance, forgiveness and kindness – it’s more. ”When asked if she would ever marry Prince Andrew if she had a chance to live her life again, the Duchess frankly replied: “Oh yes. He was a very nice and kind man. He was a good man. And our wedding was a wonderful day. It’s just amazing. I think my life is an incredible life, I am very lucky ”. How they were able to share the same roof at the Royal Lodge despite their divorce in 1996, he insisted it was not his real home due to the fact that he spent a lot of time abroad for love , including refugees.

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“I spent so much time abroad doing my philanthropic work that when I came back I was very lucky to be living here,” the Duchess said. “It is very wrong to say my home. It’s a place where we’re a united front of women, it’s their home and now my grandchildren come here. But Andrew and I are divorced and I think it’s very important for people to realize that I don’t spend a lot of time here in England. But the flamboyant Sarah Ferguson showed her nails when we attacked Prince Andrew, who she believed was innocent of all the accusations against her. She continues to stand with her two daughters. “Beatrice, Eugenie and I were called tripods and we remained strong in continuing to tell our truth”.

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