“Landscapers”, “Beau Rivage”, “Love, Victor” season 3 … How much is the series for the week?

A criminal romance inspired by something in the news, an anthology with ghosts to explore, the end of a unique series of teenagers … We tell you all about these new releases, to watch on TV or on platforms.

On TV channels

r Landscapers, miniseries (Canal+)

In 1998, Susan and Christopher Edwards, a couple who first had nothing to do, were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Susan’s parents, whose bodies were found buried in their garden. Playwright Ed Sinclair takes from this news a false suspense, a distorted account of events in the service of an intimate, even internal image, that of two marginalized people, from their flight to France to their ordeal … Read more

q “Made for Love”, season 2 (Canal+ Series)

Hazel Green, a young woman seduced and then imprisoned by the teacher of new technologies Byron Gogol (any resemblance to a popular search engine is no coincidence), was able to regain her freedom. .. before agreeing to be recaptured in exchange for a revolutionary medical treatment that could cure (unbeknownst to him) his father, Herbert, who was suffering from cancer. A few weeks of torture Gogol, convinced to be a better man, wants to use to get his wife back. But that Hazel will use the opposite to completely destroy the digital prison where the sociopath reigns … Read more

q “Debris” (Club Series)

A UFO has exploded on the surface of our planet, scattering debris with dangerous supernatural powers around the world. American Bryan Beneventi, a CIA agent, and English Finola Jones, a member of MI6, collaborated to collect them. Time is running out, because a disturbing fraternity seems to want to use it for criminal purposes… Read more

q “Beau Rivage”, season 2 (Art)

The concept of Beautiful beach no longer surprising for those who have already discovered what follows Nice Stay, investigation influenced by the Dutroux affair. In the first version of the series-a real success during the Belgian broadcast in 2017-Kato, a young murdered teenager, travels among the living to find his killer. In the second season, nothing related to the first other than this screenplay was found -certainly unchanged, but not very effective -, Maurice Teirlinck, former commander of the Belgian navy, was found dead, hanging in mast of his boat, many years after his family ties were severed. It’s his turn to wander, invisible (except for a few), in search of answers. Especially since, in the hours after his death, Jasper, his grandson, disappeared … Read more

On the platforms

p “First Murder” (Netflix)

Some teenagers for the first time are more singular than others. At the age when others experience their first emotions, Juliette, a high school student from a famous line of vampires, must above all choose her first victim, in order to end her moult. His gaze then fell – in slow motion and hair in the wind – to Calliope, a classmate. The problem? The latter belongs to a family of predatory hunters … and therefore of vampires … Read more

q “Love, Victor”, season 3 (Disney+)

At the end of last season, Victor was about to express his love for the chosen one in his heart. But who will open the door? Benji, the ex-boyfriend in the middle of a crisis, or Rahim, the beautiful newcomer? This suspension, which has disappeared from the first episode to last season, has clearly become a nightmare for screenwriters: forced to postpone what seems to be a premature happy ending, they are working hard. to scatter obstacles in Victor’s love paths. and his high school friends… then balance between a sweet rom-com and a catchy record of a teenager going out and discovering himself, Love, Victor lost in the twists and turns of the soap, barely broken by his hero’s happy sexual experiments. The requirements are softly articulated by two seasons skilled at playing teen-drama codes. The conclusion is with the beaches of banality … IPs

p “God’s Favorite Idiot” (Netflix)

In interesting John from Cincinnati (2007) confused God befriends Me (2018), series whose heroes are on a mission to spread the holy word on Earth – seriously or not – rarely lasts more than a season. God’s Favorite Idiot there should be no exception to the rule. It shows Clark, a courageous office worker chosen by God to save mankind. Ben Falcone, creator and lead role in this comedy with bizarre tones, brings it a pretty clumsy sweetness. Unfortunately, the difference in the loud explosion of Melissa McCarthy, his wife in town, didn’t work. Instead of laughing, we are easily offended. As part of the plot of the series, it lacks aspirations and looks like an office comedy with a lot of comedy. It’s not enough to cry blasphemy, but this “fool of God” probably won’t convert many people. PL

: t5: “Became Elizabeth” (StarzPlay)

In the series “the Tudors in this good vein”, here Be Elizabeth. Made by Anya Reiss for Starzplay, it chronicles the ascension to the throne of Elizabeth ID (Alicia von Rittberg) the day after the death of her father Henry VIII. This new change has the merit of clearly stating its subject. How did you become one of England’s iconic sovereigns? Interesting in the role – we immediately think of politics, women and power – the question is not so much on the screen. As is often the case in the series dedicated to “royalty”, the soap dimension precedes the complexity of time issues. Ultra agrees though obsolete, consciousness is complete in the making Be Elizabeth a format matter, without much interest. ML

: t5: “The Summer I Became Pretty” (Prime Video)

American novelist Jenny Han, a bestseller in the children’s department, has seen her works adapted into fiction sequentially. completion To all the men, trilogy of movies (crazy) for Netflix, here The summer when I became beautiful, sunny soap where Isabel “Belly” Conklin (Grandma Tung), who is almost 16 years old, discovers the love of the sea. There is not a single weed that grows from the manicured lawn in this world where even depressed teenagers are extremely photogenic. The public under the age of 15 is likely to find this young and handsome bluette something to entertain themselves between two snacks. But it’s hard to see the slightest artistic quality under the anesthetic pop soundtrack of this formatted product, which will pass. Dawson for a spin-offEuphoria. PL

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