in national education, anger is still there

Blanquer changes your “without changing anything” tone

At the end of a day of historic National Education mobilization, the strongest since 2003, back on the wall Jean-Michel Blanquer made some announcements. The Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports and unofficial candidate for the -contested- title of Macron’s most hated government minister, took an unusual posture of remorse on Thursday night, it was acknowledged. “a day of fast -paced action, where we understood the ins and outs” as well ‘“tired” in the field. In the form, the minister promised better communication. “It is very important to share information as directly as possible” he slipped. A sentence far from pointless because he has been criticized for the procedure since the beginning of the crisis and especially for two weeks after the announcement of the day before the start of the new school year of the new protocol of Parisian. After four years of a policy in which everything has been done to impose a Jupiterian figure in the image of the Head of State, now the minister, now under Castex’s leadership, has changed his tone to promise the union leader at a two -week meeting.

On the merits, after several hours of discussions with Education union organizations, the Prime Minister and Jean-Michel Blanquer came out with commitments and promises to divide the education community and focus on the important mobilization on Thursday. , behind the scenes effect is nothing really new, and nothing to calm the anger. We interviewed, Mathias education assistant of 94 fulminates “Blanquer has had nothing to do with us since the pandemic began. These ads are a snub. Not even crumbs.”. Same story of Louis, professor of philosophy, who criticizes “A shocking and contemptuous response. Blanquer told us we would continue to run the machine without changing anything and without further ado to teach it correctly ”.

Insignificant and insignificant recruits

First point of controversy. On the question of hiring, a central need of the teaching body, the minister made a cunning hand. If he promised to hire 3,300 contract workers, 1,500 educational assistants and administrative staff, it would once again be the discovery of teaching staff in action, Louis explained. “In order for the engine to keep running, once again, we have to resort to risky contracts. But precisely this danger is the cause of the school’s collapse today”. In fact, as Liberation said, the “hiring” of 3,300 contract workers over the five months that Blanquer announced actually meant contract extensions until the end of the school year, for those person already in the office. If we enjoy doing a little math, that represents 0.45% more teachers in the country. Nothing can change the situation. With more than 10,000 secondary schools in France, the announcement to hire 1,500 AED is just as cosmetic. Especially since Blanquer had already promised on Jan. 3 the requisition of students and retirees for the replacement of sick teachers … because the establishments were still waiting.

Among educational assistants, on the front line facing the virus, the observation is similar. Alberta, AED in Toulouse, says himself by his side “Surprised by this announcement. The recruitment of 1,500 education assistants from all colleges and high schools in France is small and it makes fun of us for the lack of resources.». “It’s completely not enough. We spend our time understaffed. Since the start of the school year, it’s worse than anything because our offices have become the center of ARS. What we need is a lot of investment, from in the AED, teachers, but also nurses.In my college, we had to do the diagnoses ourselves because they decided that three days a week the students were not sick.It could not be sustained ”Replied Mathias.

Finally, as for recruiting more lists for the first degree, it remains to be seen how many people who took to the competition last year are waiting for Blanquer to hire them in mid-January. “There is an assurance that we need to hire more and have better salaries and stable jobs at all levels of national education, from cleaning agents to teachers, including AEDs. , AESH and AP but that’s not the direction the government seems to be following right now .. With these little announcements, they’re trying to vent the anger and make a diversion, but we’re too far off the mark. explained Nathan, teaching assistant at 93.

An unchanged health protocol

If the extremely rapid spread of the epidemic and the chaotic government management are putting staff on the streets, the government seems to want to keep the protocol as it is. “The truth is that they are desperate to continue caring for school children to keep the economy going.» Louis told us. With regard to CO2 sensors, which make it possible to measure the air concentration in a classroom or a canteen and therefore with awareness of the urgency of airing, the Minister, if he is able to strengthen local authorities funds, once again refers to “local authority competition” to disclaim any liability.

Regarding the FFP2 masks, which are widely claimed by the national education staff, the minister promised to distribute 5 million masks especially for kindergartens. “and for teachers working with children with disabilities, AESH” without specifying when. “Masks are a real problem. Once again it can be seen that the means are not much injected. In my college, to make up for the government’s shortcomings, we supervisors contributed to buy masks for students and not sending students home ” Mathias’s response before pointing to an unchanged situation for elementary and secondary staff. “Since the start of the school year, we’ve said that of course, it’s not possible to predict a pandemic, but we know that in a small way, it’s impossible to manage the situation. Despite the change in tone, it wants to Blanquer that we will continue with the same mine. graduated Gwenn, school teacher, in Sarcelles.

“Blanquer seems angry, it’s proof we need to keep moving”

Regarding the postponement of the Bac, Lyna high school student in Chambéry, note the part of the special tests “That at present there is no decision. No concrete announcement. However, our generation is ahead of Blanquer’s reforms, with the collapse of the school. Yesterday again, when we moved, we experienced strong repression in Paris and Nantes, so we were not satisfied with the effects of the announcement. We want health and resource protocols. ».

The same state of mind Gwenn wanted to intensify “Struggle on the road. ». “Obviously Blanquer’s crumbs aren’t very satisfying but what’s shocking is the change in tone of our supervisory minister. In fact, this is the first time Blanquer has released something. A month ago he refused. he was talking about unions, now he seems angry. It is proof that we must keep moving. »

And to continue by calling on union leaders ” also remind that union negotiations without a balance of power in the streets are futile. Today we are determined to intensify our struggle. If we put ourselves on the renewable, we could reach Blanquer’s resignation. The inter-union must very clearly position itself to organize the continuation of mobilization and as soon as possible ”. This is a question of “beating while the iron is hot” to master the schedule, demands and plan of the battle. A position more important than ever when the inter-union gathered, Friday night, they decided to surrender their weapons against Blanquer by deciding not to call for a new day of action next week. . A decision that restrains movement after a successful first round.

With this in mind, after the historic mobilization on Thursday, locally in some establishments we began to organize ourselves so that this first day was not without a future. In Aubervilliers, this Friday, several teachers toured the high schools to convene the inter-establishment general assembly on Monday. Marion, teacher at 93 says:“We’re shooting at different schools, colleges and high schools in the city, we’re leaving leaflets in teachers’ rooms for GA on Monday”.

At Delacroix high school in Drancy, a general assembly took place this Friday to organize the continuation of the movement. A next meeting on Monday. One teacher explained:“Yesterday’s announcements were never enough, not in any way answering the question of ways, of the need for a health protocol. We were thinking about how to organize ourselves among teachers but also among parents and students.We want to start organizing from the bottom up, because we know that in order to keep going, general assemblies have to be held.. Both point to the fact that if Thursday is important, it is necessary to increase the deadlines of this class, which are very small, in order to win the merits. In the same vein, Mathias says:“We are looking for alternatives. We want protocols from the bottom to be made by the workers. In my school life we ​​put ideas in place. We were trying to contact the teachers to do something. ».

It remains to make a plan of war:“Colleges are ulcerating and never being satisfied with these crumbs. Right now there are so-called days, the 20th in AED support and the 27th in inter-pro but that’s not enough. We have to multiply. the general assemblies and the structures of self-organization to give us an outcome calendar of the struggle “. Friday night, on social networks outrage was felt after the announcement of the absence of a day of mobilization before the next Jan. 27 – with the exception of Sud Education calling 20 – of the national union organizations education. But one thing is for sure, the determination remains intact. “We won’t stop” Louis’s graduation was over.

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